11 Most Popular Sites For Free HTML Templates

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A site layout is a pre-constructed site made out of HTML pages that incorporate coordinated pictures, text content and backing documents for text style styles and Javascripts.

The end client plugs their data, text and pictures, into the pre-built design template and afterward transfers to a website hosting represent seeing on the Internet.

HTML, which stands for “Hyper Text Markup Language“, is a set of codes that can be inserted into text files to indicate special type faces, inserted images, and links to other hypertext documents.

HTML allows for images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create interactive forms. Objects can be embedded using JavaScript or HTML specific tags like the “embed” or “object” tag.

Choose from over thousands of free HTML templates.

S.No. Template Name/Link IP Address
1 html5up.net
2 freehtml5.co
3 colorlib.com
4 htmltemplates.co
5 templatemo.com
6 onepagelove.com
7 free-css.com
8 startbootstrap.com
9 styleshout.com
10 zerotheme.com
11 html5xcss3.com


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