Smartphone Hacking Prevention Tips You Need To Know

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A Smartphone that is safely placed inside your pocket or purse can still leak personal data to hackers or even be infected by malware. Hacking doesn’t require physical access to the target’s device. Hackers are able to penetrate a Smartphone... Read more

7 Most Common Ways of Cracking Passwords

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When it comes to cracking passwords using software, one of the first things you have to note is that passwords are never stored as plain text. This would be too easy a target and wouldn’t provide the necessary security. For... Read more

Know Some of the Most Important Computer Full Forms

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The shorter form of the word or a sentence is known as abbreviation. Abbreviation denotes the group of letters or words captured entirely from the word or phrase. These terms can be categorized in computer, technology, programming, Information Technology and... Read more

The 10 Commandments of Ethical Hacking

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There are certain commandments that an ethical hacker lives by. Here are 10 of the main ones:  You must set goals If you have planned to evaluate the security of an online system or network, you must first try to... Read more

Top 10 Common Types of Hacking Attacks

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There are different ways that a hacker can launch an attack on a system. Systems have become even more vulnerable in recent times due to social media, cloud computing and virtualization. The more advances we make technologically, the more complex... Read more

Well-Known High-Level Languages You Need To Know

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Although assembly language makes it unnecessary to write binary machine language instructions, it is not without difficulties. Assembly language is primarily a direct substitute for machine language, and like machine language, it requires that you know a lot about the... Read more

Basic Terminologies Used by Ethical Hackers

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Ethical hackers are usually security professional or network penetration testers who use their hacking skills for defensive and protective purposes. They do their work with the permission of the organization. The work is under the laws of the country. Any... Read more

List of Computer Applications in Various Fields

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Computer is an advanced electronic device that takes raw data as an input from the user and processes it under the control of a set of instructions (called program), produces a result (output), and saves it for future use. Also... Read more

Importance of Cyber Laws In INDIA (IT Act 2000)

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Cyber law is new phenomenon having emerged much after the offset of internet. Internet grew in completely unplanned and unregulated manner. Even the inventor of internet could not have really anticipated the scope and the far reaching consequence of cyber... Read more

List of Python Built-in Functions and Exceptions

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All built-in names (functions, exceptions, and so on) exist in the implied outer built-in scope, which corresponds to the _ _builtin_ _ module. Because this scope is always searched last on name lookups, these functions are always available in programs... Read more

List of Important CSS Selectors You Need To Know

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CSS is a separate language with its own syntax. In CSS terminology, the two main sections of a rule are the selector that identifies the element or elements to be affected, and the declaration that provides the rendering instructions. The... Read more

How Voice Search Will Affect Digital Marketing in 2022

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It is undeniable that an increasing number of listeners search for aids and voice-controlled devices. Marketing authors and bloggers have predicted for years that voice search will be the most common method for mobile users by 2022. Well, 2022 is... Read more

50 Technology Facts You Need To Know

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You’ve always been fascinated by technology. Understanding technology is essential in today’s world, no matter your career. Doctors are using artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose patients. Finance, payments, and banking have all been moving online. Even farmers are using drones... Read more