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[Huawei - H31-341] HCIP-Transmission Questions

Written Exam Questions With Answers

NO.1 The following description of the signal flow of the OTM site (OSN 8800 device), which is wrong?

  • A. Service transmission direction: SDH signals-> LSX-> M40V-> OBU1-> Line
  • B. OSC receiving direction: Line-> FIU-> Sc2
  • C. Service receiving direction: Line->FIU-> OAU-> M40V-> LSX-> SDH signals
  • D. Service transmission direction: SDH signals-> LSX->M40V-> OBU1-> FIU-> Line
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NO.2 For the nonlinear effect FWM, which of the following way is correct?

  • A. Control the incoming fiber power
  • B. Control the optical power of a single wavelength
  • C. Do not use G.653 fiber in DWDM systems
  • D. Using large effective area fiber
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NO.3 When the working channel of the optical line protection fails, it cannot be automatically switched to the protection channel. What are the possible reasons? (Multiple choice)

  • A. The protection channel is faulty
  • B. Protection group parameter configuration is error
  • C. Artificially issued a lock command
  • D. Waiting for the recovery time to be set too long
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NO.4 Which of the following paths are not related to the business?

  • A. OCh
  • B. OSC
  • C. Client
  • D. ODUk
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NO.5 In the WDM system, what is the reason for the fiber attenuation and bit error rate? (Multiple Choice)

  • A. Fiber bending
  • B. Fiber damage
  • C. Fiber break
  • D. Fiber aging
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NO.6 The following description of the electrical layer overhead-source function, the correct ones are: (Multiple Choice)

  • A. OPUk performs client signal mapping, rate adjustment and rate adaptation in the transmission direction.
  • B. ODUkP is responsible for calculating BIP-8, writing PM, GCC1/2 and other overheads.
  • C. ODUkT calculates BIP-8 and writes to TCHi.
  • D. OTUk is responsible for calculating BIP-8, writing to SM, GCCO, FAS, MAFS, etc.
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NO.7 When 10-minute error-free test is performed on a certain wavelength division channel, the local end uses the SDH analyzer to interconnect with the client-side interface of the OTU board. The peer OTU client-side interface needs to perform fiber self-loop. When you are self-looping, you must add solid decay.

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE
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NO.8 Which of the following is the data that needs to be collected and saved in the event of a failure? (Multiple Choice)

  • A. Equipment alarms and performance events
  • B. Running status data of the NE and the board
  • C. Operation log of the network management
  • D. Configuration data of the NE and the board
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NO.9 Before creating an optical cross-connection, you need to manually configure the corresponding port of the corresponding board as a boundary port, for example, the line-side port of the FIU board between two sites.

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE
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NO.10 In a typical chained NG WDM network (such as A -> B -> C, A, B, and C are three sites), it is found that the official telephone number between the stations is not available during the commissioning. What are the possible reasons? (Multiple choice)

  • A. B station SC2 board is damaged
  • B. In the SC2 board configuration of station B, the configuration is incorrectly changed to "the official does not pass the optical port."
  • C. C station receiving direction OA board damage
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NO.11 For the whole network error test in the commissioning test, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice)

  • A. To ensure the smooth passage of all channel services across the entire network, a 10-minute error prediction is required for each single channel.
  • B. The duration of the full channel error test is 20 hours. If the error occurs within 20 hours, it needs to be retested for 20 hours after troubleshooting.
  • C. When the single channel error test is performed, the remote end needs to perform hardware loopback on the tributary board client side.
  • D. The number of OTU boards or tributary boards connected in series for the whole channel error test is recommended to be no more than 13
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NO.12 When the OSN 8800 needs to access GE signals, the boards that can be used are: (Multiple Choice)

  • A. TOA
  • B. TDX
  • C. TEM28
  • D. TSC
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NO.13 The network element automatically backs up the network element database to the FLASH database every 30 minutes by default.

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE
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NO.14 Which of the following is a good way to avoid creating discrete paths? (Multiple Choice)

  • A. The path with the protected route is to be broken or switched. Ensure that the configuration is complete and standardized.
  • B. Try to use the path function to configure.
  • C. Guide users to learn business configuration specifications.
  • D. The service of the single-station configuration should perform path search on the network to ensure that the service configuration is complete and standardized.
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NO.15 Which of the following description of 1+1 optical line protection is wrong?

  • A. The switching method defaults to non-recovery
  • B. The switching mode defaults to double-ended switching
  • C. The primary and secondary input lights initial difference defaults to 0.
  • D. The active and standby input light difference defaults to 5dB.
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H31-341 is the exam code for the Huawei HCIP-Transmission V2.0 certification exam. This exam is designed to assess an individual's knowledge of Huawei transmission technologies, including optical transmission, Ethernet transmission, and wireless transmission.

The HCIP-Transmission V2.0 certification is a valuable credential for IT professionals who work in the telecommunications industry. It demonstrates that the individual has the skills and knowledge necessary to design, deploy, and manage Huawei transmission networks.

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