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E-mail stands for electronic mail. E-mail involves the use of computers and internet. E-mail allows the communication between the individuals who have account on the internet. In an E-mail electronic message is sent from one computer to another, placed anywhere in the world. We can also send pictures, text files, sound files etc. As an attachment to the E-mail. The standard protocol used for sending e-mail on the internet is called SMTP. SMTP works in association with POP Post office protocol server.

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Structure of E-mail

E-mail mainly consists of two parts:-

  • Header: Header consists of name and E-mail address of receiver & sender as well subject of the message.
  • Body of message: Body contains the message that is to be conveyed to the recipient.

Working of E-mail

The working of E-mail is similar to traditional postal services the sender of the E-mail. The sender must have an E-mail address called as E-mail ID. The receiver also must have an account on a mail server as the recipients have an address in postal service where they receive their letters. The sender writes the message along with an E-mail address of the recipient.

The E-mail service delivers the message into the inbox or account of the recipient. It is not necessary for the recipient to be logged in at the same time. The E-mail is stored in the inbox until the recipient receive it. After receiving the mail the recipient can save it, delete it or can reply back to the sender.

Advantages of E-mail over other communication services:-

  1. Traditional postal service was time consuming. But e-mail is much faster than postal services and take few seconds to reach its destination.
  2. In case of telephone both the users must be present at the same time but in case of E-mail it is not necessary for the receiver to be logged in at the same time.
  3. We can save E-mail for future use. But in case of fax we cannot do so. Fax cannot be saved for future use.
  4. In case of E-mail we can send the same message to more than one persons. But in postal service we need to write, the same message again and again if we want to send it5 to more than one persons.
  5. It is cheaper as compare to other communication services like telephone, postal service etc.

Below is the list of Top Email Service Providers based on unbiased reviews & on user satisfaction:

S.No. Email Provider Action
1 Microsoft Outlook Read More
2 Gmail Read More
3 Front Read More
4 Zoho Mail Read More
5 Protonmail Read More
6 Microsoft Exchange Online Read More
7 MDaemon Email Server Read More
8 Yahoo! Mail Read More
9 Spike Read More
10 Apple Mail Read More
11 Hostwinds Read More
12 Zimbra Collaboration Read More
13 IONOS 1&1 Email & Office Read More
14 OfficeSuite Read More
15 GoDaddy Email & Office Read More
16 BlueMail Read More
17 HCL Verse Read More
18 Micro Focus GroupWise Read More
19 MailEnable Read More
20 Postbox Read More
21 SmarterMail Read More
22 RainLoop Read More
23 Afterlogic Webmail Read More
25 eGain Mail Read More
26 FastMail Read More
27 IceWarp Read More
28 Trengo Read More
29 IMail Server Read More
30 Mail-in-a-box Read More
31 Atmail Read More
32 Canary Mail Read More
33 EGroupware Read More
34 EmailSuccess Read More
35 Hushmail Read More
36 K2C Email Read More
37 Kerio Connect Read More
38 MailCore Pro Read More
39 Mailfence Read More
40 Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Read More
41 NewtonHQ Read More
42 Retarus E-Mail Security Read More
43 SeaMonkey Composer Read More
44 TaskTrek Read More
45 Turing Cloud Read More
46 Alinto Read More
47 Aurora Corporate Read More
48 Authsmtp Read More
49 Axigen Read More
50 Clearnet Read More
51 Courier Mail Server Read More
52 eConnect Email Read More
53 Eptica Email Management Read More
54 FleetMail Read More
55 Gaggle Mail Read More
56 Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) Read More
57 Logix Cloud Email Read More
58 Mail Pilot Read More
59 Read More
60 Email Read More
61 NetWin SurgeMail Read More
62 outMail Read More
63 PowerMTA Read More
64 RMail Read More
65 Runbox Read More
66 Scalix Read More
67 Servermx Read More
68 SherWeb Hosted Exchange Read More
70 The Very good Email Read More
71 Tiliq Read More
72 Topicbox Read More
73 xFlow Mailroom Read More
74 XgenPlus Read More
75 YuDoMail Read More
76 CrossBox Communication Suite Read More
77 Developermail Read More
78 FuseMail Read More
79 HEY Read More
80 iNODE Connectware Read More
81 Mailo Read More
82 Mailtrim Read More
83 Namecheap email Read More
84 SquirrelMail Read More
85 SwapMail Read More
86 Tencent Exmail Read More
87 Email Read More
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