Worms Key Attributes Techhyme

Top 9 Key Attributes of Worms (Their Behavior and Impact)

In the intricate web of cybersecurity threats, one menacing entity stands out for its rapid and pervasive nature – the worm. A worm is a form of malicious software that exhibits distinct characteristics,…

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malware types techhyme

The Most Common Types of Malware You Need To Know

Let’s imagine a scenario where a client presents a file, and they are unsure if it’s malware and what capabilities it has. Where does this malware fit in the kill chain? Is it…

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computer virus techhyme

7 Types of Dangerous Computer Viruses You Need To Know

A virus is a destructive program that is designed to destroy the information stored in computer. It enters the system without the knowledge of the user. It enters through infected floppy or infected…

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