Top 35 DevOps Questions To Be Asked In An Interview

DevOps Interview Questions Techhyme

DevOps is gaining more popularity day by day. Most important aspect of DevOps is to get the changes into production as quickly as possible while minimizing risks in software quality assurance and compliance.

DevOps refers to a wide range of tools, process and practices used by companies to improve their build, deployment, testing and release life cycles.

In order to clear DevOps interview you need to have a deep understanding of all of the tools and processes. Most of the technologies and process used to implement DevOps are not isolated. All you have to do is to prepare for these from DevOps perspective.

These questions covers a wide range of topics any DevOps professional needed to know to nail an interview.

  1. Explain briefly about your project.
  2. In which area you are well verse?
  3. What is branching strategies? What is difference between release and feature branch?
  4. What is code cut for deployment in master branch?
  5. How to code will be add from feature branch to release branch?
  6. Explain different job available in Jenkins.
  7. How to create CI and CD pipeline? Explain stages in pipeline.
  8. How master-slave configuration set-up and how to use in pipeline?
  9. What is Maven and which version you are using in project?
  10. What are Maven dependencies and how to manage those?
  11. What are different goals in Maven lifecycle?
  12. What is code coverage and which tool you use to validate code coverage?
  13. Are you using any build artifactory?
  14. What is build artifactory and why use artfifactory?
  15. Which application and webserver used in your project?
  16. Explain docker architecture. Difference between docker and K8S.
  17. Explain image layers and dangling images.
  18. How you monitor application logs and which tool you used?
  19. How can SSH in container and troubleshoot the issue?
  20. Are you aware about docker networking? If yes, then explain.
  21. Apart from above Application and webserver which you are aware?
  22. What is Ansible architecture and how to set-up password based authentication?
  23. What is your approach to deploy war file using ansible? List down the steps.
  24. How to configure the Jenkins with ansible?
  25. Can we use Kubernetes without Ansible? If yes, then how?
  26. What mean by roles, task and handlers in Ansible? Give me example of ansible playbook.
  27. If you want to deploy any war file in production what are your approach(pre-requisite) ?
  28. How to manage Jenkins administration based on user profile.
  29. What are different securities level option in AWS?
  30. What are fundamental pillars of AWS architecture?
  31. What is SG and ACL? Are those same or different?
  32. Which lib use for python with aws?
  33. Which types of instances you used in your project? What is disaster recovery plan for the project?
  34. What mean by SSL certificate? Why to use it?
  35. Have you experience in to configure SSL certificates? If yes, please explain the process.
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