[Tutorial] Reset Kali Linux Root Password Without Login

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Kali Linux operating system can be considered the number one security operating system of today. This is the operating system that the programming world usually likes to use to perform penetration testing or exploitation related things. Kali Linux is a Debian-based system and is widely considered as one of the best options for hackers and security professionals too. Kali Linux was developed by offensive security as a rewrite of Backtrack OS. A Linux distribution is generally most focused on security.

This article guides you in changing the password if you have forgotten your Kali Linux password or you want to reset your root password without login. This article simply tells you to change your root password in just 6 steps.

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Step1: Reboot Kali Linux

While booting Linux, you’ll see the following screen, simply press “e” to edit or enter into the GRUB menu.

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

Step 2: The following screen will show you some information of your GRUB. The GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader) is a bootloader available from the GNU project. A bootloader is very important as it is impossible to start an OS without it. The bootloader transfers the control to the operating system kernel.

GRUB also provides you a choice to select OS from a multi-booted operating systems or select a specific kernel configuration (in case of dual installations of OS).

To change the password, Identify keywords “ro” and “quiet splash” as shown below:

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

Step 3: Replace the “ro” keyword with “rw“. Next, on the same line identify keyword “quiet splash” and replace it with “init=/bin/bash” as shown below:

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

Step 4: After editing all changes, press F10 to save/boot. At this point we are ready to reset the root user password.

Type passwd command and enter your new password. Enter the root password again to verify. Press ENTER and confirm that the password reset was successful.

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

Step 5: In case if you want to change the password of any other user such as kali user, then the command is:

Command: passwd kali

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

Step 6: Simply reboot your system or continue booting using the following linux command:

Command: exec /sbin/init

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

Sometimes, you’ll get the error related to Authentication token manipulation, to resolve this issue, you can use the following command:

Command: mount -o remount,rw /

Now after rebooting your Kali Linux machine, You can login with your new password.

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

The w command shows information about the Linux users currently on the server, and their running processes. You can run this command for the confirmation of the user.

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

Similarly, you can use “whoami” command to find out who you are currently logged in.

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

Another option is to just type the “id” command.

Kali Linux Password Reset Root Techhyme

In this article, we saw how to reset Kali Linux password for the root user and other user account. Thank you for reading this article and keep connected to TECH HYME to continue enjoying excellent tutorials. If you still have any queries, throw it in the comment section or mail us at hymeblogs@gmail.com.

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