Huawei H13-811-ENU - HCIA Cloud Service - Set #6

Techhyme's Practice Exam Questions with Answers

Q1) The cloud security service system consists of five parts: network security, data security, application security, security assessment and security support.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q2) About cloud hard disk backup, what is the correct statement?

  • A. There is no quota limit for cloud disk backup
  • B. After the cloud disk is backed up, expand the capacity again, you can use the previous backup to restore the data, and the cloud hard disk space size will not change after recovery.
  • C. After the cloud disk is backed up, expand the capacity again, you cannot use the previous backup to restore the data because the size of the cloud hard disk space will become the size before the expansion after recovery.
  • D. After the expansion of the cloud disk, backup again. Use this backup to restore data. After the recovery, the size of the cloud disk space will not change.

Q3) What are the advantages of CCE? (Multiple choice)

  • A. Microservices governance: The decoupling of a single architecture into multiple containers, the system is more flexible.
  • B. Providing continuous delivery platform for the container. The container image runs through every link from development to operation and maintenance, unified environment configuration, and rapid service development.
  • C. Isolating virtual machines into multiple containers (with fine container granularity) and applications built on containers to increase resource utilization.
  • D. The system automatically expands flexibly and responds quickly to concurrent peaks.

Q4) What are the main features of HID (Host Intrusion Detection)? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Brute force detection
  • B. Remote login reminder
  • C. Weak password detection
  • D. Database process permission detection
  • E. Web page back door detection

Q5) When you remove cloud drive from an elastic cloud server, data on the cloud drive is lost.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q6) What are the basic characteristics of cloud computing? (Multiple choices)

  • A. On-demand self-service
  • B. Broad network access
  • C. Resource pooling
  • D. Rapid elastic expansion
  • E. Measurable services

Q7) CCE supports direct use of the official Dockerhub image.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q8) OBS bucket A sets a Policy, which does not allow any user to access the objects in the bucket. In bucket A, there is an object B. ACL permission is set to allow anonymous users to access it. Users can access object B through anonymous access.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q9) Which service resource indicators can be monitored in cloud monitoring?

  • A. Virtual Private Cloud
  • B. Elastic Calculation Service
  • C. Distributed Cache Service
  • D. Elastic load balancing

Q10) What is the sound sample rate in the Workspace Control Protocol?

  • A. 22.05KHZ
  • B. 48KHZ
  • C. 44.1KHZ
  • D. 33KHZ

Q11) Create an OBS bucket, open multiple versions of the bucket, repeat the upload of the object "aaa" three times, close the multiple versions of the bucket, and repeat the upload of the object "aaa" three times. After the above operations are completed, what is the amount of the bucket object is displayed in the bucket basic information?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 5
  • D. 6

Q12) What is the full name of ECS?

  • A. Elastic Cloud Server
  • B. Elastic Scaling Service
  • C. Object Storage Service
  • D. Elastic File Service

Q13) "The general trend of the world, long time must be divided, and long time must be combined", the next 10 years of the evolution of IT infrastructure in the era of cloud computing is 10 years from separation to convergence. No matter how the IT architecture evolves spirally, which of the following customer values and driving forces reflection is incorrect?

  • A. Lower TCO
  • B. Higher business deployment and life cycle management efficiency
  • C. Better business performance and user experience
  • D. Have more manufacturers to choose

Q14) What is the Workspace service payment model?

  • A. Purchase related equipment, products and services one-time at the time of purchase
  • B. One-time charge for the purchase of products, permanent maintenance
  • C. Product is free, one-time service fee
  • D. Pay as you go

Q15) Which of the following is not the main function of HVD (host vulnerability detection)?

  • A. Vulnerability scan results query
  • B. Elastic cloud server brute force protection
  • C. Provide Vulnerability Test Report
  • D. Elastic Cloud Server Vulnerability Scanning

Q16) What can I use to monitor an ECS?

  • A. Cloud Container Engine
  • B. Cloud Monitoring Service
  • C. Flexibility
  • D. Virtual Private Cloud

Q17) WTP (web page tamper-resistant service) does not include the following main features?

  • A. Web site file protection
  • B. Alarm information record
  • C. Protection details statistics
  • D. Anti-SQL Injection

Q18) Application security, as an important component of cloud security services, guarantees the security of flexible cloud computing servers and cloud computing applications running in them from the perspective of operating system and application security protection.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q19) After the application is successfully created, the CPU, memory, and network usage of the container cannot be monitored.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q20) What types of VPNs can be classified according to business use? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Access VPN
  • B. Intranet VPN
  • C. Extranet VPN
  • D. Lay2 and Lay3 tunneling VPN

Q21) Which of the following image types is the standard image provided by the public cloud platform and is visible to all users?

  • A. Public Mirror
  • B. Private image
  • C. Sharing the image
  • D. Market image

Q22) Which of the following ways can I set the access permissions for anonymous users of OBS objects? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Setting the OBS Bucket ACL
  • B. Setting OBS object ACL
  • C. Setting Policy on OBS Objects
  • D. Setting Policy on OBS Buckets

Q23) What are the ways to create a private image? (Multiple choice)

  • A. Created by Cloud Server
  • B. Created by OBS file
  • C. Created by external image file
  • D. Created by physical server

Q24) When using IPSec VPN communication, encryption and decryption tests are performed on both ends of the firewalls.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q25) Which of the following is not the advantage of Huawei's cloud monitoring product CES?

  • A. Real-time
  • B. Save money
  • C. Multiple notification modes
  • D. Monitor Third-Party Non-Huawei Cloud Services