Huawei H13-811-ENU - HCIA Cloud Service - Set #8

Techhyme's Practice Exam Questions with Answers

Q1) Which command is needed to label the image?

  • A. docker tag
  • B. docker push
  • C. docker pull
  • D. docker irnages

Q2) Which product advantages does VPC have? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Safety isolation
  • B. Flexible deployment
  • C. Dynamic BGP
  • D. Support for Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Q3) The VPC subnet segment can be modified after it is created.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q4) What is the return value when using the Open API to upload a custom monitor metric successfully?

  • A. 200
  • B. 201
  • C. 202
  • D. 203

Q5) What are the login authentication modes for the ECS? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Password
  • B. command
  • C. Fingerprint
  • D. Key pair

Q6) Which is incorrect to understand the concept of LEADS?

  • A. L : Lab as a Service
  • B. E : End to End
  • C. A : Agile
  • D. D : Dedicated
  • E. S : Service

Q7) What are the alarm statuses in the cloud monitoring service?

  • A. Alarms
  • B. Normal
  • C. Insufficient data
  • D. Close

Q8) Which problem does traditional VDI exist?

  • A. Poor software compatibility
  • B. Poor video playback experience
  • C. Unable to monitor user behavior
  • D. High investment cost for curing

Q9) Which of the following are the main usage scenarios for SFS? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Media processing
  • B. Log Management
  • C. Content Management and Home Directory
  • D. High-performance computing

Q10) Virtual machines that are not bound to EIPs can access external networks by configuring custom routes.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q11) Which of the following services help users monitor the dynamics of relational database services RDS resources in real time?

  • A. VPC
  • B. OBS
  • C. ECS
  • D. CES

Q12) Relational database service RDS users can modify the configuration of the database for optimal performance.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q13) What are the ways to add instances in a scaling group? ( Multiple choices)

  • A. Scaling activities
  • B. Manually add an instance
  • C. Modify the number of expected instances
  • D. Scaling configuration

Q14) What the following statement is wrong? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Create a folder named br..ra/1 in the OBS bucket
  • B. OBS Console supports batch deletion of buckets
  • C. OBS Console supports batch deletion of objects
  • D. Users built 101 buckets using the OBS Console

Q15) When the status of the alarm rule remains unchanged, the system will only send an alarm notification to the user when this status occurs for the first time.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q16) To enable the log management function of the OBS bucket, what permissions do the log delivery user group have for the target OBS bucket?

  • A. Read permissions
  • B. Write permission
  • C. Check ACL permissions
  • D. Modify ACL permissions

Q17) According to the division of Huawei cloud services, which cloud service does not belong to the computing cloud service?

  • A. Elastic Cloud Service
  • B. Flexible scaling cloud service
  • C. Virtual Private Cloud
  • D. Bare Metal Services

Q18) Which of the following features are supported by the OBS Console? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Static Website Hosting
  • B. Multi-version control
  • C. Cross-domain resource sharing
  • D. External bucket mount

Q19) What are the current network segments supported by VPC? ( Multiple choices)

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Q20) ECS refers to elastic scaling services.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q21) What are the advantages of SFS compared with traditional file-sharing storage? (Multiple choices)

  • A. File sharing
  • B. Seamless integration
  • C. Simple operation but high cost
  • D. High reliability

Q22) Which mirror type belongs to the image converted from the elastic cloud server?

  • A. Public Mirror
  • B. Private Mirror
  • C. Share Mirror
  • D. Market Mirror

Q23) What concepts do VPC services contain? (Multiple choices)

  • A. Subnets
  • B. EIP
  • C. Security group
  • D. VPN

Q24) Which types of mirrors are supported by the mirroring service?

  • A. Public Mirror
  • B. Private image
  • C. Sharing the image
  • D. The secret image

Q25) Which of the following is not included in the main features of Anti-DDoS?

  • A. DDoS attack protection
  • B. Single IP address monitoring
  • C. Single IP Address bar report
  • D. Regularly scanning ECS loopholes