Windows 10 Update History Techhyme

[Windows 10] View Windows Update History with CMD and Powershell

Windows 10 is one of the world’s most popular operating system by Microsoft. Updating the OS is very important for system maintenance, better security and faster speed. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is rapidly catching up…

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network security tools

Top 10 IT Networking Scanning Tools

While many of these tools are used by crackers and intruders, they also help the security administrator detect and stop malicious scans. Used with intrusion detection systems, these tools can provide some level…

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object oriented systems techhyme

Useful Key Terms of Object Oriented Systems

In an object-oriented system, all data is represented as discrete objects with which the user and other objects may interact. Each object contains data as well as information about the executable file needed…

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CCIE MCQ Techhyme

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert – CCIE – Part 17

The CCIE Certification is the highest level of achievement for network professionals, certifying an individual as an expert or master. Cisco Systems has since become an unrivaled worldwide leader in networking for the…

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risk management techhyme

Risk Management and System Development Life Cycle

The risk management process minimizes the impact of threats realized and provides a foundation for effective management decision making. Thus, it is very important that risk management be a part of the system…

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troubleshooting networks fill in the blanks techhyme

Fill in the Blanks of Troubleshooting Networks

The term networking describes a vast field of study, far too large for any single certification, book or training course to cover. If you’re considering any Network related certification, you probably don’t yet…

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