Top Questions to Ask During a Computer Forensics Interview

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The field of computer investigations and forensics is still in its developing stages. The need for computer forensics has become more apparent with the exponential increase in the number of cyber crimes and litigations in which large organizations are involved.... Read more

Information Security and Risk Assessment MCQ With Answers – Part 8

Risk Assessment Information Security MCQ Tech Hyme
In attempting to build a secure organization, where should you start? One commonly held belief is that you should initially identify your assets and allocate security resources based on the value of each asset. Though this approach might prove effective,... Read more

Top 30 Websites To Check Alexa Rank Online

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In the modern era, information technology has facilitated transmission of multi-facet information across the world. Alexa Rank is a global and regional result of just how popular the site is. In other words, Alexa rank is a global ranking system... Read more

From Reconnaissance to Covering Tracks – 5 Phases of Ethical Hacking

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Hacking is an art or a technique which is used to find the solution for a typical problem by implementing either the legal or illegal ways. It may or may not be done with the concern of the owner. The... Read more

Cryptography -Types and Algorithms (MD5 Encrypt and Decrypt)

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Cryptography is a tool for protecting information in our computer systems. The art of protecting information by encrypting into an unreadable format, called as cipher text. Only those who possess a secret key can decrypt the message into original text.... Read more

Top High Rated PHP Books You Should Read in 2021

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Understanding the way people’s brains work would be the key to building the ultimate web applications. Web applications are applications whose functionality is processed on a web server, and is delivered to the end users over a network such as... Read more

[14] CISSP – MCQ – U.S. Government Information Assurance (IA) Regulations

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This article offers you a solid foundation for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam. This article is designed for readers and students who want to study for the CISSP certification exam. The CISSP exam is governed by the... Read more

[#15] – Business Data Processing – Questions

Data is a collection of facts – unorganized, but able to be organized into useful information. A collection of sales orders, employee time sheets, and class attendance cards are a few examples. Data can be manipulated to produce output, such... Read more

How to Configure WP Mail SMTP Plugin in WordPress

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Having problems with your site not sending emails? Email has been a major part of the Internet revolution, and not just because it has streamlined the junk mail industry. When a message is sent to your email address, it is... Read more

[#8] – Structures and Unions – Questions

A structure is a collection of related data items which can be of different types held together in a single unit. The data items enclosed within a structure are known as its members which can be either of int, float,... Read more

List of Commonly Used Well Known Ports

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Well Known ports (also known as system ports) are numbered from 0 through 1023. In computer networking, the term port can refer to either physical or virtual connection points. Physical network ports allow connecting cables to computers, routers, modems and... Read more

700+ Wireless Networking Abbreviations

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Of all the communications services available today, wireless services are having the most dramatic impact on our personal and professional lives, enhancing personal productivity, mobility, and security. The wireless industry worldwide is experiencing rapid innovation, increased competition, and diversity in... Read more

List of Variables and Metacharacters in Linux – Shell Programming

Shell program is series of Linux commands. Shell script is just like batch file is MS-DOS but have more power than the MS-DOS batch file. Shell script can take input from user, file and output them on screen. Useful to... Read more