75 Basic Terms Related To Information Technology

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Information Technology consists of all forms of technology used to create, store and exchange information in various forms, i.e. it incorporates all computerized and automated information handling including system design and analysis, conversion of data, computer programming, information storage and... Read more

Classification of Computers

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General purpose computers come in many sizes and capabilities. Traditionally, computers were classified by their size, processing speed, and cost. Based on these factors and generations, computers were classified as: ANALOG COMPUTERS DIGITAL COMPUTERS HYBRID COMPUTERS MAINFRAME COMPUTERS MICROCOMPUTERS LAPTOPS... Read more

Computer Generations and Its Types

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The term computer generation refers to the development of both the hardware and software technologies. Each step of development in computer is regarded as a new generation of computers. Each generation of computers results in smaller, cheaper and powerful machines.... Read more

List of Secondary Storage Devices

It is important to know the difference between secondary storage and a computer’s main memory. The primary (computer’s) memory or commonly known as random access memory (RAM) is the volatile memory and the secondary memory is the non volatile memory.... Read more

List of Computer Output Devices You Need To Know

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An output device is an important peripheral to facilitate the communication between user and the computer system because unless we obtain resulting information from the computer we are unable to do anything with it. By means of these output devices,... Read more

List of Computer Input Devices You Need To Know

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An input device is an important peripheral to facilitate the communication between user and the computer system because unless we have a way to provide information to the computer. we are unable to do anything with it. By means of... Read more

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert – CCIE – Part 3

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The CCIE Certification is the highest level of achievement for network professionals, certifying an individual as an expert or master. Cisco Systems has since become an unrivaled worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Its networking solutions can easily connect... Read more

Top 10 Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

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Hello Everyone! You can easily increase your productivity by using computer keyboard shortcuts which actually increase your focus in your work too. For example, to copy any text, you can select that text and press CTRL + C keyboard shortcut.... Read more

[#13] – Inheritance – Questions

Inheritance is one of the key concept in the Object Oriented Programming language like C++, that enables you to organize classes in a hierarchical form. Just like a child inherits the characteristics of his parents and add certain new characteristics... Read more

[#20] – Introduction to C Programming Language – Questions

C is a general purpose, high-level programming language. Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie created it at AT&T Bell laboratories in 1972 for writing the UNIX operating system. Although developed between 1969 and 1973, its first publication occurred in 1978 in... Read more

[#14] – Virtual Functions – Questions

Polymorphism is a very powerful concept that allows the design of amazingly flexible applications. Polymorphism can be defined as one interface multiple methods which means that one interface can be used to perform different but related activities. The concept of... Read more

[#12] – Operator Overloading and Type Conversion – Questions

Like function overloading, C++ also support a powerful concept called operator overloading. C++ contains a rich set of operators such as +,-,*,>>,<,++ etc which work on built-in types such as int, float, char so as to perform arithmetic, relational, logical... Read more

[Solution] Fix and Recover a corrupt history file in zsh – Linux

If you ever see a message like this upon opening a new shell – “zsh: corrupt history file /root/.zsh_history“. You can easily fix your history file by extracting only the valid strings. The first step is to move the original... Read more