500+ Abbreviations Related to Routing and Switching

Routing and Switching Abbreviations Techhyme
Interested in the field of computer and network security? One important aspect you’ll need to know about is routing and switching. Routing and switching are the two main functions of a network. Their purpose is to connect the different segments... Read more

150 Important Network Security Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Computer Network Security MCQ Techhyme
Computer Network Security is very complex. New threats from inside and outside networks appear constantly. In response, the security community is constantly developing new products and procedures to defend against threats of the past and unknown threats of the future.... Read more

200+ Wireless Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Wireless Multiple Choice Questions Answers Techhyme
Wireless networks pose a threat to all who use them. Wireless networks lack the safety associated with having one’s communications securely transmitted inside physical cabling. With wireless communications, the air is the transmission medium and that medium is accessible to... Read more

General Concepts of C++ Programming Language You Need To Know

C++ General Concepts Techhyme
This article’s content has been a broad overview to give you a feel for some of the general concepts of C++. A C++ program consists of one or more functions, one of which is called main(). Execution always starts with... Read more

[UDEMY] 21 Most Popular React Learning Courses

Udemy Techhyme React Courses Free
React was released by Facebook’s web development team in 2013 as a view library. React is one of the best choices for building modern web applications. React has a slim API, a robust and evolving ecosystem and a great community.... Read more

SCRUMVersity Approved Agile Coach (SAAC) Questions with Answers

SAAC Questions Answers Techhyme
SCRUMVersity Approved Agile Coach (SAAC) plans on training the Scrum experts to oversee complex Scrum tasks and actualize Scrum in complex activities including enormous undertakings in groups, projects and various portfolios. It additionally encourages professionals to get numerous implementation platforms... Read more

20 Important Things To Remember About Online Branding

Online branding is a procedure of building the identity of any person or brand online using a website, Google, Facebook, Instagram, blog post, and other online marketing channels. This process helps expand the exposure of the brand’s identity on the... Read more

11 Google Analytics Tricks That Will Change the Way You Think

Google Analytics Techhyme
Google Analytics is one of the best reporting tool by Google with huge number of features and reports that it provides, and best of all is that it is free. There is a premium version for extremely high volume sites... Read more

What Would a Cyberwar Look Like – A Brief Guide

Cyberwar Techhyme
Consider an employee W-2 form. Before the 2000s, the information on this form had a nominal value that approached the price of the paper on which it was printed. There was no easy way to monetize a stolen W-2 form.... Read more

14 Best FREE Icon Sites You Need To Know

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Are you looking for icons to spice up your website? Or for your presentation? Any stationery that might need enhancing with icons? You’re in luck that the internet is not short on free image icons. You need them the most... Read more

14 Best Youtube Channels for Programmers

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Are you struggling to decide to learn programming from YouTube? The sheer number of YouTube channels can cause decision paralysis. From tech-focused content to gaming content, there’s virtually a video for everything you’re looking for. However, looking for the best... Read more

The World Wide Web and WWW Browser – A Brief Guide

World Wide Web Techhyme
The WWW or W3 in short is the most popular and promising method of accessing the Internet. Main reason for its popularity is use of a concept called hypertext. Hypertext is a new way of information storage and retrieval that... Read more

6 Types of Different Printers You Need To Know

Printer Types Techhyme
Hard copy refers to the permanent reproduction of displayed or transmitted data. Thus, a hard copy devices produces text and graphical data in form of printout or photograph on plain paper, photographic paper or transparencies etc. The most commonly used... Read more