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Are you looking for icons to spice up your website? Or for your presentation? Any stationery that might need enhancing with icons? You’re in luck that the internet is not short on free image icons. You need them the most if you are a web or application designer or a developer.

Icons are everywhere. They are an extremely useful and visual way of helping people understand your content. Creating icons can be very time consuming, as can looking for the exact one that you want.

In most cases, it doesn’t matter that someone else is using the same icon which you are using. It doesn’t matter because your design is completely different. It’s unique, and as such, validates the use of publicly available icons.

We have compiled a list of some 14 of the best icon websites to get free icons to help reduce your searching time and get on with writing and creating.

S.No. Website
1 High Quality Web Icons – boxicons.com
2 700+ CSS Icons – css.gg
3 Simply Beautiful Open Source Icons – feathericons.com
4 8M+ Vector Icons and Stickers – flaticon.com
5 Icon Font Generator – fontello.com
6 Beautiful Hand Crafted SVG Icons – heroicons.com
7 Pixel Perfect Icon Solutions – icomoon.io
8 100+ Icon Sets – icones.js.org
9 Bootstrap Icons – icons.getbootstrap.com
10 Open Source Icons – ionicons.com
11 2000+ SVG Icons for Popular Brands – simpleicons.org
12 1400+ Open Source SVG Icons – tablericons.com
13 Tiny Minimal 1px Icons – teenyicons.com
14 Icons and Photos For Everything – thenounproject.com


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