[1z0-1085-20] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate MCQ Questions – Part 2

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Associate Part 2

Are you preparing for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate certification exam? As you gear up for this crucial step in your career journey, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of the exam’s content and format. Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) are a common component of certification exams, including the 1z0-1085-20 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate exam.

To help you prepare effectively, this article presents a curated selection of 35 MCQs (Part 2) along with their answers.

Question 1. Which two security capabilities are offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

A. Always on Data Encryption for data at rest
B. Managed Active Directory Service
C. Key Management Service
D. Certificate Management Service
E. Compute

Answer: A C

Question 2. A Platform has been re-deployed to a microservices based architecture using Docker containers for deployment. Which service can you use to deploy containers on Oracel Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

A. API Gateway
B. Streaming Service
C. File Storage Service
D. Container Engine for Kubernet

Answer: D

Question 3. A new customer has logged into Oracle Infrastructure (OCI) as an administrator for the first time. The admin would like to deploy infrastructure into a region other than their home region.

A. Use API endpoints to create resources in the desired region.
B. Navigate to the desired region and begin creating resources.
C. Subscribe to the desired region.
D. File 1 service request for access to such additional regions.

Answer: C

Question 4. Which is NOT required to register and log support request in My Oracle Support (MOS)?

A. Your account password
B. Your resource OCID (Oracle Cloud Identifier)
C. Your Customer Support Identifier (CSI)
D. Your Tenancy OCID (Oracle Cloud Identifier)

Answer: A

Question 5. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Budgets can be set on which two options?

A. Variables
B. Regions
C. Cost-Tracking Tags
D. Compartments

Answer: D

Question 6. Which king of scaling is supported by virtual machine in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

A. Only scaling up or down
B. Only Scaling out
C. Scaling up or down, and scaling in or out.
D. Only Scaling in

Answer: C

Question 7. Which is a key benefit of using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Data Warehouse?

A. Maintain root level access to the underlying operating systems.
B. Apply database patches as they become available.
C. No username and password needed.
D. Scale both CPU and storage without downtime.

Answer: D

Question 8. You have mission critical application which requires to be globally available at all time. Which deployment strategy should you adopt?

A. Use multiple fault domain in any availability domain with multiple regions.
B. Use multiple fault domains in one regions.
C. Use multiple fault domains in each availability domain in each region
D. Use multiple availability domains in one region

Answer: A

Question 9. According to standard security model which two are a customer’s responsibilities in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

A. Physical Security of OCI data center facilities
B. Object Storage Data security
C. Virtual Machine Hypervisor
D. Customer Data
E. Local Data Persistence

Answer: B D

Question 10. Which three services integrate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Key Management?

A. File Storage
B. Auto Scaling
C. Identify and Access Management
D. Object Storage
E. Block Volume
F. Functions

Answer: A D E

Question 11. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service allows you to run code without provisioning any underlying infrastructure resources (such as virtual machine)?

A. Compute Service
B. Storage Gateway
C. Oracle Container Engine for Kubernet
D. Oracle Function

Answer: D

Question 12. Which two Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources can be used to group/catagorize expenses?

A. Tags
B. Users
C. Policies
D. Compartments
E. Groups

Answer: A D

Question 13. Which statement about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) shared security model is true?

A. You are responsible for managing security control within the physical OCI network.
B. You are not responsible for any aspect of security in OCI.
C. You are responsible for securing all data that you place in OCI
D. You are responsible for securing the hypervisor within OCI Compute Service.

Answer: C

Question 14. What does compute instance horizontal scaling means?

A. Backing Up Data to Object Storage
B. Adding additional compute instance
C. Clonning compute instance VMs
D. Stopping/Starting the instance

Answer: B

Question 15. You are writing us a proof of concept (POC) and need to quickly establish a secure connection between an on premise data center and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Which OCI service should you implement?

A. FastConnect
C. VCN Peering
D. Internet Gateway

Answer: B

Question 16. What Characteristics are defined in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Shape?

A. Number of vCPU, amount of LAN bandwidth.
B. Public or private visibility of the Compute Instance
C. Number of OCPU, amount of LAN bandwidth
D. Availability Domains and Fault Domains Locations

Answer: C

Question 17. Which three components are part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management service?

A. Regional Subnets
B. Rules
C. Users
D. Policies
E. Dynamic Groups
F. Compute instance
G. Virtual Cloud Networks

Answer: C D E

Question 18. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is complement with which three industry standard?

D. IG Toolkit-UK
E. SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3

Answer: A B E

Question 19. Which is NOT part of the Oracle Cloud Always free eligible resources that you can provision in your tenancy?

A. Fast Connect (1*** public peering)
B. Block volume (up to 100 GiB local storage)
C. Autonomous Database (upto two instances)
D. Load Balancing from load balancer

Answer: A

Question 20. Which capability can be used to protect against unexpected hardware or power supply failures within an availability domain?

A. Fault Domain
B. Compartments
C. Lot of back switches
D. Power Distribution Unit

Answer: A

Question 21. What is an example of Edge Services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

A. Web Application Firewall
B. Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
C. Virtual Firewall
D. Cloud Storage

Answer: A

Question 22. Which service is NOT available as part of Oracle Cloud Free Tier?

A. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Exadata DB Systems
B. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute
C. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
D. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Data Warehouse

Answer: A

Question 23. Which should you use to distribute incoming traffic between a set of web servers?

A. Load Balancer
B. Internet Gateway
C. Dynamic Routing Gateway
D. Auto Scaling

Answer: A

Question 24. Which statement accurately describes an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Region?

A. Each Availability Domain has a single Fault Domain
B. Each Availability Domain has three Fault Domains
C. Each Fault Domain has multiple available domain
D. Each region has a single Fault Domain.

Answer: B

Question 25. A company has deployed an e-commerce web application with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. What should they do to manage that the application has the highest level of resilience?

A. Deploy the application across multiple across multiple Virtual Cloud Networks.
B. Deploy the application across multiple availability domains and subnets.
C. Deploy the application across multiple availability domains and Fault Domains
D. Deploy the application across multiple Regions and Availability Domain

Answer: D

Question 26. Which two are enabled Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Fault Domains?

A. Protect against unexpected hardware failures or power supply failures.
B. Build redundant systems for disastery recovery.
C. Protect Against planned hardware maintenance.
D. Protect against planned outages because of Computer hardware maintenance.

Answer: A D

Question 27. Which capability enables you to search, purchase and start using software in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy?

A. OCI Region
B. OCI Marketplace
C. OCI OS Management
D. OCI Resource Manager

Answer: B

Question 28. A Customer wants to deploy an e-commerce web application using multiple virtual machines, block storage, databases, load balancer and web application firewall. Which cloud method can be used to host that application?

A. Anything as a Service
B. Platform as a Service
C. Infrastructure as a Service
D. Software as a Service

Answer: C

Question 29. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service leverages Terraform to configure infrastructure as a code?

A. Resource Manager
B. Compartment Trigger
C. Events
D. Oracle Function

Answer: A

Question 30. Which feature is key benefit of using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

A. OCI Offers High Cost with performance
B. OCI Offers High Ping
C. OCI Offers low latency
D. OCI Offers Committed performance with a predictable pricing model

Answer: D

Question 31. Which resource do you manage in an Infrastructure-as-a-services (IAAS) offering?

A. Networking
B. Operating system
C. Storage
D. Servers

Answer: B

Question 32. What does compute instance vertical scaling mean?

A. adding additional compute instances
B. changing to a larger or smaller shape
C. Enabling Disaster recovery
D. Providing Fault Tolerance

Answer: B

Question 33. Which statement below is not true for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compartments?

A. Each OCI resource belongs to a single compartment
B. compartments cannot be nested
C. Resources and compartments can be added and deleted anytime
D. Resources can be moved from one compartment to another

Answer: B

Question 34. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure capability can be used to protect against power failures within an availability Domain?

A. Data Plane
B. Top of RACK Switch
C. Fault Domains
D. Services Cells

Answer: C

Question 35. You want to leverage a managed Real Application Cluster (RAC) offering in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Which OCI Managed database service would you choose?

A. Autonomous Transaction Processing (shared)
B. Autonomous Data Warehousing (shared)
C. VM DB Systems
D. Bare Metal DB Systems

Answer: C

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