List of Commonly Used Windows Standard Powershell Verbs

Windows Powershell Verbs Techhyme
Windows PowerShell is an object-oriented automation engine and scripting language with an interactive command-line shell designed to help IT administrator professionals configure systems and automate various administrative tasks. Windows PowerShell is a shell and scripting component of the Windows Management... Read more

Windows Server 2008 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Windows Server 2008 Questions Techhyme
With the introduction of new revisions to Microsoft products—for example, Windows, Exchange, and Communications Server—we have seen a trend toward “roles” within each product, as opposed to the various products being an all-in-one type of solution (as with Exchange 2007),... Read more

Windows Server 2008 Knowledge Assessment Quiz

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Before investing time and resources into downloading and installing Windows Server 2008, the first step is to gain an in-depth knowledge to effectively run the operating system. Also Read: Windows Server 2008 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) It provides you with... Read more

9 Amazing Android Apps For Developers

For programmers/developers who love to code programs, we are here with 9 Amazing Android Apps For Developers. Today the time is of being intelligent and programming is the one thing for computer guys that make them smart to develop out... Read more

MilesWeb Review 2022: The Best Web Host in Australian Market!      

Do you want an unbiased opinion on MilesWeb hosting? This article provides a detailed MilesWeb Hosting Review of its features, pricing, benefits, and drawbacks. We will go over all of the information like Why choose MilesWeb hosting for hosting websites?... Read more

50 Important Questions Related To Computer Technology

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A computer network, or simply a network, is a collection of computers and other hardware components interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information. Also Read: 45 MCSE Exam Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers In this... Read more

The Bash Built-in Commands

Bash Linux Commands Techhyme
This article provides a concise guide to allow you to quickly look up a feature or command that you can use from the bash command line or from a bash shell script. Also Read: List of Bash Environment Variables in... Read more

Basic Terms Related to Python Programming Language You Need To Know

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Python is an example of a high-level language; other high-level languages you might have heard of are C, C++, Perl, and Java. There are also low-level languages, sometimes referred to as “machine languages” or “assembly languages.” As you already know,... Read more

Top 46 HTTP Headers You Need To Know

Top HTTP Headers Techhyme
In this article, we’re giving a somewhat perfunctory description of the standard HTTP headers. For each header,we’ll say whether it’s found in HTTP requests, responses, or both. we’ll give our opinion as to how useful the header is when building... Read more

Top HTTP Response Status Codes – A Deep Study Guide

Top HTTP Response Status Codes Techhyme
Many web services use HTTP status codes incorrectly. The human web hardly uses them at all. Human beings discover what a document means by reading it, not by looking at an attached numeric code. You’ll see “404” in an HTML... Read more

7 Mostly Used HTTP Methods You Need To Know

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HTTP’s uniform interface consists of the GET, POST, HEAD, OPTIONS, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, and TRACE methods. This article provides a short primer on using these HTTP methods, listed in the order used by RFC 2616. 1. OPTIONS Method Use this... Read more