50 Important Questions Related To Computer Technology

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A computer network, or simply a network, is a collection of computers and other hardware components interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information.

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In this article, you will learn about Computers from Basic to Advanced levels. This article includes topics like Computer Virus, Operating System, Hardware, Software, Full Forms, Comparisons, Inventors, Important Dates, etc

Read all the Computer Technology Questions and Answers to boost your Knowledge.

1. What is the meaning of CAD?

Ans. Computer Aided Design

2. What is Oracle?

Ans. Database software

3. The point at which data enters or exits the computer is called?

Ans. Terminal

4. Linux is an example?

Ans. open source software

5. The part of the CPU that codes the activities of all other computer components.

Ans. Control Unit

6. What is the full form of ALU?

Ans. Arithmetic Logic Unit

7. Soft copy is an output, so what is hard copy?

Ans. Printed output

8. Who does the work of carrying the information from one unit to another and bringing them back?

Ans. Database

9. What is needed to create an HTML document?

Ans. text editor

10. Whose collection is the website?

Ans. Web Pages

11. Which programming language does not require a translator?

Ans. Machinery Language

12. What is the extension of Excel spreadsheet?

Ans. .XLS

13. Excel work book is a collection?

Ans. work sheet

14. C, Basic, Cobol and Java are examples of which language? What do you call him?

Ans. High Level Language

15. What is the full form of ASCII?

Ans. American Standard Code for Information

16. Who is called the father of computer?

Ans. Charles Babbage

17. The length of which word is measured in computer?

Ans. Bit

18. Capacity unit of storage medium is?

Ans. Byte

19. How much is the collection of a Byte?

Ans.8 bits

20. CD-ROM is an example of?

Ans. Input Device

21. Whose property is Volatility?

Ans. RAM

22. Java is an example of

Ans. High Level Language

23. The input devise which is widely used in super markets?

Ans. Bar Code

24. What is the meaning of software?

Ans. Program

25. The program designed to allow input and output devices to communicate with a computer system is called

Ans. Operating system

26. What is used to create word processing software?

Ans. Document

27. What is the program used to view the website called?

Ans. Browser

28. What is the full name of computer?

Ans. Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education and Research

29. Which word is there in the webpage which when clicked opens another document?

Ans. Hyper Link

30. How many margins are there on the page

Ans. 4

31. The program that helps in finding the necessary material on the web?

Ans. Search Engine

32. What is the easiest way to find a word in a document in Word?

Ans. find command

33. The process of receiving information from a server on the Internet by a computer is called?

Ans. Downloading

34. Which type of software is most popular for making browser poster and newsletter?

Ans. Desktop publishing software

35. Which application is used to create slideshow in computer?

Ans. Power Point

36. By what other name is Junk E-mail known?

Ans. Spam

37. What is E-commerce?

Ans. Business on the Internet

38. What are the three main parts of the processor?

Ans. ALU, Control Unit or register

39. Which is used in machine language?

Ans. Numeric code

40. Which is the most popular language for developing website and web based application?

Ans. Java

41. Which software controls the hardware of the computer?

Ans. Operating System

42. Which software is used to work in the computer?

Ans. Application Software

43. Track ball is an example of?

Ans. Pointing device

44. What is EDP?

Ans. Electronic Data Processing

45. What type of storage is internal storage?

Ans. Primary

46. What is the largest unit of storage?

Ans. Yota byte

47. What is Google

Ans. Search Engine

48. What is URL?

Ans. The address of a document or page on the world wide web

49. Which utility is used to transfer files and exchange messages?.

Ans. E-mail (Email)

50. What is the meaning of the word FTP related to Internet?

Ans. File Transfer Protocol

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