[1z0-1085-20] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate MCQ Questions – Part 3

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Associate Part 3

Are you preparing for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate certification exam? As you gear up for this crucial step in your career journey, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of the exam’s content and format. Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) are a common component of certification exams, including the 1z0-1085-20 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate exam.

To help you prepare effectively, this article presents a curated selection of 35 MCQs (Part 3) along with their answers.

Q1. Which feature allows you to logically group and isolate your OCI resources?

A. Compartments
B. Availability Domains
C. Identity and Access management groups
D. Tenancy

Answer: A

Q2. Which is not considered security resource within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

A. Web Application firewall
B. Security rules
C. File storage service
D. Network security group

Answer: C

Q3. Which is NOT available to you whenever Oracle Cloud Infrastructure creates or resolves an incident?

A. Text Message Notification
B. Email Notification
C. Without Notification
D. Twitter Notification

Answer: D

Q4. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service is best suited for running server less apps?

A. Streaming
B. Virtual Cloud Networks
C. Audit
D. Oracle Functions

Answer: D

Q5. You are monitoring your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) usage with Cost Analysis tool in OCI console. Which is NOT a default feature of the tool?

A. Filter costs by Application
B. Filter costs by tags
C. Filter costs by compartments
D. Filter costs by date

Answer: A

Q6. Which cannot be used with My Oracle Cloud Support (MOS)?

A. Add or change tenancy administrator.
B. Reset the password or unlock the account for the tenancy administrator.
C. Request a Service Limit Increase
D. Solve an issue in Always Free resources in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Trial Account.

Answer: D

Q7. What is the frequency of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure usage Report generation?

A. Annually
B. Monthly
C. Weekly
D. Daily

Answer: D

Q8. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management capability helps you to categorize multiple users into teams?

A. Dynamic Groups
B. Groups
C. Policies
D. Users

Answer: B

Q9. What Does Oracle’s payment Card Industry Data security standard (PCI-DSS) attestation of compliance provide to customers?

A. Customers can use these services for workloads that process, or transmit cardholder data but not store it.
B. Customers can use these services for workloads to process applications for credit card approval securely.
C. Customers can use these services for workloads that store, process or transmit card holder data.
D. Customers can use these services for workloads that provides validation of card holder transaction but only 3rd party vendor.

Answer: C

Q10. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure storage service can provide a shared file system across multiple compute instance?

A. Local NVMe
B. Object Storage
C. Archive Storage
D. File Storage

Answer: D

Q11. Which platform can be used to provide internet access to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instance in a private subnet?

A. Service Gateway
B. Dynamic Routing Gateway
C. Internet Gateway
D. NAT Gateway

Answer: D

Q12. Which pricing method is not supported by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

A. Unlimited Credits Monthly Flex
B. Pay as you go
C. Bring your own license
D. Renewed Licenses/ Consumption Based/ Universal Credit – Monthly Flex

Answer: A

Q13. Which service level agreement type is NOT offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Service?

A. Data Plane
B. Performance
C. Control Plane
D. Application Plane

Answer: D

Q14. In What two ways does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offer industry leading price-performance?

A. OCI does not subscribe CPU but only memory
B. Performance claims with Service level agreement
C. Provide industry leading performance
D. With OCI, pricing is low and predictable across all regions and services
E. OCI leverage Advanced encryptions that results to bad performance

Answer: B D

Q15. Which is not covered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Layer agreement (SLA)?

A. Reliability
B. Availability
C. Performance
D. Manageability

Answer: A

Q16. Which three methods can use create or modify Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources.

A. Commend line interfaces
B. Secure Shell
C. OCI console
D. Serial Console Connection
E. OCI Desktop Client
F. Remote Desktop Protocol
G. Rest API

Answer: A C G

Q17. Which is NOT a valid business benefit for a customer considering migrating their infrastructure and apps to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

A. Improved Agility
B. Increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
C. Capital Expenditure to Operational Expenditure conversion
D. Faster go-to market

Answer: B

Q18. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) database solution will be most economical for a customer looking to have the elasticity of the cloud with minimal administration and maintenance effort for their DBA team?

A. OCI Exadata DB Systems
B. OCI Virtual Machine DB Systems
C. Autonomous Database
D. OCI Bare Metal DB Systems

Answer: C

Q19. A customer wants to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for starting application backups which can be stored for months but retrieved immediately based on business needs. Which OCI storage service can be used to meet this requirement?

A. Block volume
B. Archive storage
C. Object storage (standard)
D. File storage

Answer: C

Q20. What is a key benefit of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Machine DB Systems?

A. Automated Database Memory
B. Automated backups to OCI Block Volumes
C. Support for RAC DB systems/Fast Provisioning/ Scale up Block Storage Anytime
D. You need to create virtualization

Answer: C

Q21. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service can you use to assess user security of your Oracle databases?

A. Audit Vault and Database Firewall option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
B. Oracle Data Safe
C. Audit Service
D. Oracle Data Guard

Answer: B

Q22. Which feature is not component of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure identity and Access management service?

A. Network Security Group
B. User Credential
C. Federations
D. Policies

Answer: A

Q23. After Signing up for a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy, what would you subscribe to in order to deploy Infrastructure and services in different parts of the world?

A. Regions
B. Fault Domain
C. Availability Domain
D. Pay as you go pricing

Answer: A

Q24. A customer wants to dedicated connection with minimal network latency from their on-premise data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) which service should they choose?

A. OCI Fast-Connect
B. IPSec virtual private network
C. Oracle Cloud network remote peering
D. Public Internet

Answer: A

Q25. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service can send you an alert when you might exceed your spending threshold?

A. Budgets
B. Monitoring
C. Events
D. streaming

Answer: A

Q26. Which service is the most effective for moving large amounts of data from your on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

A. Internet Gateway
B. Data transfer appliance
C. Dynamic Routing Gateway
D. Data feed

Answer: B

Q27. What do the terms OpEx and CapEx refer to?

A. OpEx refers to Operation Excellence and CapEx refers to Capital Excellence
B. OpEx refers to Operation Example and CapEx refers to Capital Example
C. OpEx refers to Operation Expenses and CapEx refers to Capital Expenses
D. OpEx refers to Operation Expenditure and CapEx refers to Capital Expenditure

Answer: D

Q28. What offers the lowest pricing for storage (per GB)?

A. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage
B. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure block volume
C. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage
D. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage (standard tier)

Answer: A

Q29. You were recently assigned to manage a project to deploy Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The application will require a database, several servers, and a shared file system. Which three OCI services are best suited for this project?

A. File Storage Service
B. Oracle Container Engine for Kubernets
C. Object Storage Service
D. OCI Virtual or Bare Metal DB Systems
E. OCI Streaming Service
F. Virtual Machine or Bare Metal (BM) compute instances

Answer: A D F

Q30. A customer is looking to migrate their old database backups from their on-premises data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Which OCI Service is the most cost effective?

A. Archive Storage
B. Object Storge
C. Block Volume
D. File Storage

Answer: A

Q31. How is total network throughput allocated to a Virtual Machine (VM) Instance?

A. Network bandwidth is variable
B. Network bandwidth is proportional to the number of OCPUs in the instance shape
C. Each VM is allocated 10 Gbps of network bandwidth regardless of the selected shape
D. When launching a compute instance, customers may select the desired maximum network bandwidth

Answer: B

Q32. Which statement is correct regarding the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute services?

A. You cannot attach a block volume to a compute instance
B. You can launch either virtual machines or bare metal instances
C. You can attach a maximum of one public to each compute instance
D. When you stop a compute instance, all data on the boot volume is lost

Answer: B

Q33. Which statement is true for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compute instance?

A. Compute instance always get a private IP address
B. Compute instance cannot leverage auto scaling feature
C. Compute instance always get a public IP address
D. Compute instance does not use a boot volume

Answer: A

Q34. What purpose does an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dynamic Routing Gateway Serve?

A. Enables OCI Compute Instance to privately connect to OCI Object Storage
B. Enables OCI Compute instances to connect to the internal
C. Enables OCI Compute instance to connect at on-premises environments
D. Enables OCI Compute instances to be reached from internet

Answer: C

Q35. Which option provides the best performance for running OTLP workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

A. OCI Virtual Machine Instance
B. OCI Autonomous Data warehouse
C. OCI Autonomous Transaction Processing
D. OCI Dedicated Virtual Host

Answer: C

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