14 Best Youtube Channels for Programmers

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Are you struggling to decide to learn programming from YouTube? The sheer number of YouTube channels can cause decision paralysis.

From tech-focused content to gaming content, there’s virtually a video for everything you’re looking for. However, looking for the best programming related YouTube channels for a topic you’re looking for can be pretty tricky.

YouTube is packed with so much technical content it’s hard to know where to start.  In this article, we’ve listed 14 of the best YouTube programming channels you should consider watching in 2022.

S.No. YouTube Channel Name Subscribers
1. Academind 815K
2. Clever Programmer 1.16M
3. DerekBanas 1.19M
4. FlorinPop 153K
5. FreeCodeCamp 6.11M
6. KevinPowell 593K
7. LearnCode academy 758K
8. Programming with Mosh 2.7M
9. SteveGriffith 77.9K
10. TheNetNinja 986K
11. TheNewBoston 2.64M
12. TraversyMedia 1.92M
13. Treehouse 353K
14. WebDevSimplified 1.02M

This information was last updated on 21 August 2022

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