Attention Students: ChatGPT Can Damage Your Memory and Grades!


A recent study has unveiled a direct correlation between memory deterioration and grade drops in students who utilize ChatGPT for their academic pursuits. The researchers concluded that language models like ChatGPT could negatively impact the learning process by making it overly simplified and obstructing the development of critical cognitive skills.

The study, executed by a team of scientists, involved hundreds of university students, ranging from undergraduates to doctoral candidates. In two distinct phases, researchers gathered data and interviewed students to evaluate:

Level of ChatGPT Use: An eight-point scale was used to measure students’ dependence on the chatbot, with questions such as “I use ChatGPT for coursework” and “ChatGPT is part of my student life.”

ChatGPT’s Impact on Learning: Students responded to questions about their memory, procrastination habits, and grade point average.

Students who actively used ChatGPT exhibited increased procrastination, impaired memory, and a lower grade point average. The chatbot isn’t merely a substitute for unmotivated students: students with low grades and learning difficulties also utilized it, often as a last-ditch effort to enhance their results.

Using ChatGPT can detrimentally affect cognitive performance: Easy access to information can impede the development of essential learning and memorization skills. The study underscores the potential risks of employing language models like ChatGPT in learning. While these tools can be beneficial in certain scenarios, it is crucial to use them consciously and moderately to prevent damaging your memory and cognitive abilities.

Advice for Students

  • Use ChatGPT with Caution: Avoid relying on the chatbot for all your homework or using it as a replacement for your personal study.
  • Develop Your Learning Skills: Engage in activities that stimulate your memory and critical thinking.
  • Seek Help If Necessary: If you encounter learning difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask a tutor or professor for assistance.

Memory and cognitive skills are vital tools for success in academics and life. It is crucial to protect and develop them as much as possible, avoiding shortcuts that could cause long-term damage.

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