Top 77 Linux Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

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Linux is a common computing environment, and for that reason, many specialties within IT will require basic Linux/UNIX knowledge. If you’re getting ready to interview for a web or software developer, system administrator, network professional or other IT position, it’s important you understand what Linux is. This is because Linux powers common operating systems and web servers, most of the Internet, and even global stock exchanges and supercomputers.

To make your career successful, it is most important to have a good job, but in this era of unemployment due to Covid-19 Pandemic, getting a good job has become extremely difficult. In a country like India, where, on an average, more than a thousand people apply for 1 job, then it can be said that getting jobs here has become more difficult than before.

To get a good job, the most important interview is, if you have a degree but you are not able to perform well in the interview, then it is not impossible to get a job.

Actually, the meaning of the interview is that what is there in you that sets you apart from others. So today we’ve listed out some important interview questions related to Linux and UNIX which can be asked for the role of Linux System Administrator or Linux Networking profile. The below mentioned questions are commonly used as ‘filters’ in a phone screen or first-round interview. Make sure you know all the answers, and the reasoning behind them!

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  • GCUX – GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator
  • Linux+ CompTIA
  • LPI (Linux Professional Institute)
  • RHCE- Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • Oracle Linux Certification (OCA and OCP)
  • RHCSA – Red Hat Certified System Administrator
  • Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator(LFCS)
  • SUSE Certified Administrator(SCA) in Enterprise Linux

In this list of interview questions on Linux, we have covered almost all  commonly asked basic and advanced Linux admin/networking interview questions to help candidates clear the job interview easily.

  1. What is Linux?
  2. Write a short note on Evolution of Linux?
  3. What is GPL License?
  4. Write the name of different Linux distributers?
  5. Compare Linux and UNIX?
  6. Differentiate between Linux and Windows?
  7. Write a short note on hardware requirements for a Linux installation?
  8. How you create Boot and Root Floppies?
  9. Explain Red-Hat Linux installation process?
  10. How you implement floppy less installation?
  11. What is Text mode installation?
  12. How you make partitions?
  13. How you set Root Password?
  14. What is UBUNTU?
  15. How you install UBUNTU on your system?
  16. What is Live CD?
  17. Write a short note on minimum hardware requirements for UBUNTU?
  18. What is GNOME?
  19. Write down different features of GNOME?
  20. Write down Name of GNOME Desktop?
  21. How you change desktop theme?
  22. How to set screensaver in GNOME?
  23. How you manage files in GNOME?
  24. What is KDE?
  25. What is boot manager in Linux?
  26. What is LILO Boot Loader?
  27. How you make LILO your boot loader?
  28. How you recovery lost LILO?
  29. Explain the process of Start and Shutdown your system?
  30. Explain Linux booting process?
  31. Whats the importance of /etc/initab file?
  32. How you add a new user?
  33. How you write commands in Linux?
  34. Write and explain any four commands which are generally used in Linux?
  35. How you get help in Linux?
  36. How you redirect input and output in Linux?
  37. Whats the uses of Wildcards?
  38. Write a short note on Linux File System?
  39. Explain hierarchy of file system in Linux?
  40. What is root directory?
  41. What is system information directory?
  42. How you change directories and list directory contents?
  43. What is Linux Shell?
  44. How you see Shell in Linux?
  45. What is processes?
  46. Explain various redirections available in Shell Scripting?
  47. What is PIPS?
  48. What is variable and how you use in Linux?
  49. How you define user defined variables?
  50. What is Metacharacters?
  51. How you write Shell Scripting in Linux?
  52. Explain various control structure statements available in Linux?
  53. Explain looping statements in Linux?
  54. What is vi editor and why need vi editor in Linux?
  55. How you start and stop vi editor?
  56. Explain different modes of vi editor?
  57. Is it possible to save your work in vi, if yes then how?
  58. How you delete files in vi?
  59. Explain different commands for cutting, copying and pasting text in vi?
  60. Explain the process of searchs replace text in vi?
  61. How you open multiple files for editing?
  62. Write a short note on Hardware requirement of X-Window?
  63. Which types of problems you face with hardware configuration?
  64. How you configure XFree86?
  65. How you run XFree86?
  66. Explain different tasks of System administrator?
  67. Write a short note on configuring tools available in Linux?
  68. What is the roll of root directory in Linux?
  69. How you start and shutdown system in Linux?
  70. What is booting and how you boot using LILO command?
  71. Why we use bootable floppy disk?
  72. What is mounting and how you mount a file and device in Linux?
  73. How you make a Backup disk in Linux?
  74. Why we use “tar” and cpio” command?
  75. What is the role of “gzip” command?
  76. How you create a New File System in Linux?
  77. Is it possible to change hostname in Linux if yes then how?

These questions are specially prepared for freshers or beginners and experienced professionals. You can easily crack the interview if you know the answers of all above listed questions.

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