List of Different Types of Softwares

Software Engineering is nothing but a disciplined and systematic approach to software development. The major applications of software based on types of software used in different field of computer are: 1. Application software…

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Top Essential Features of Software Which You Need To Know

Software is the general term for information that’s recorded onto some kind of medium. The major characteristics of software are as follows 1. Software is not manufactured or created, it is developed or…

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object oriented systems techhyme

Useful Key Terms of Object Oriented Systems

In an object-oriented system, all data is represented as discrete objects with which the user and other objects may interact. Each object contains data as well as information about the executable file needed…

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applications of Information Technology Techhyme

17 Emerging Application Areas of Information Technology (IT)

Information technology has influenced every aspect of human lives. The information is available to the user with just a click of mouse. Information technology has number of application in various areas like: Business…

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top risks cloud computing techhyme

Top 7 Risks Associated with Cloud Computing Environment

When you keep the data in local storage i.e. hard drive, then you can access it only from your computer. But this does not happen in the context of Cloud Computing. You can…

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Attack Vectors Types Techhyme

List of Most Popular Attack Vectors and Its Types

An “attack vector” is a path or means by which an attacker can gain access to a computer or to a network server to deliver a payload or malicious outcome. Attack vectors enable…

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List of World’s Worst Virus and Worm Attacks

Computer virus is a program that can “infect” legitimate programs by modifying them to include a possibly “evolved” copy of itself. Viruses spread themselves, without the knowledge or permission of the users, to…

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google dorks effective search techhyme

[Google Dorks] Tips for Effective Search with “Google” Search Engine

Google serves some 80-90% of all search queries on the Internet, making it by far the most popular search engine. Its popularity is due not only to excellent search effectiveness, but also extensive…

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FTP Techhyme

Top 10 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Softwares

File Transfer Protocol is a protocol used to transfer files over the Internet. For example when we download a file from Internet we are transferring the file from a remote computer to our…

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Software Engineering Terms TechHyme

Important Terms Related To Software Engineering

The term software engineering first appeared in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Programmers have always known about civil, electrical and computer engineering and debated what engineering might mean for software. The exponential…

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Top Email Service Providers TechHyme

List of Top Email Service Providers

E-mail stands for electronic mail. E-mail involves the use of computers and internet. E-mail allows the communication between the individuals who have account on the internet. In an E-mail electronic message is sent…

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Brief Overview of Algorithms and Flowcharts

An algorithm may be defined as the step-by-step procedure or method that can be carried out for solving programming problems. Or an algorithm consists of a set of explicit and clear (only one…

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How To Make an E-Commerce Website

Around 206 crore people around the world are investing their money in buying goods online these days. E-commerce sites are present in many different names like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra etc. We all…

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