9 Months of Twitter/𝕏 Takeover: A Revolution in Social Media

Twitter X

Over the course of the past nine months, Twitter has undergone a transformative journey since its rebranding as “X.” The new leadership, innovative features, and strategic decisions have propelled the platform to new heights. This article chronicles the remarkable progress and groundbreaking changes that have shaped Twitter/𝕏 into a dynamic and user-centric social media giant.

Rebranding and Revenue Sharing Program

The journey began with a bold move – the rebranding of Twitter as “X.” This marked the start of a new era for the platform, one characterized by fresh ideas and a renewed sense of purpose. Among the first major announcements was the introduction of the Ad revenue share program for creators. This groundbreaking initiative allowed content creators to monetize their work, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of influencers and artists on the platform.

Empowering Creators and Verified Users

With the revenue sharing program in place, X rolled out payments to creators, ensuring that their efforts were recognized and financially rewarded. Additionally, verified users were granted access to video downloads, enabling them to engage with their audience more effectively. To further protect verified users from spam, X introduced the ability to accept direct messages only from other verified accounts.

Business Integration and Regulatory Compliance

Recognizing the value of businesses on the platform, X expanded its services to support ad customers through direct message (DM) interactions. Simultaneously, the platform witnessed an all-time high in user engagement, solidifying its position as a dominant player in the social media landscape. To cater to the needs of verified organizations, X also introduced a job recruitment feature, strengthening its integration into the business world. Moreover, obtaining a money transmitter license in several US states demonstrated the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and financial transparency.

Enhancements to User Experience

To enhance the user experience, X launched the new Tweet deck, offering a more streamlined and efficient approach to tweet management. The platform also replaced the “notes” feature with “articles,” eliminating character limits and encouraging long-form content creation. Additionally, the introduction of a “highlights” tab on profiles made it easier for users to showcase their best moments and content.

Leadership Changes and Technological Advancements

The addition of Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO injected fresh leadership into X, steering the company towards even greater success. Meanwhile, the brilliant mind of Elon Musk continued to contribute to product design and new technological innovations, pushing the boundaries of what Twitter/𝕏 could achieve.

Privacy and Safety Upgrades

Understanding the importance of user privacy, X launched an early version of encrypted direct messages, safeguarding sensitive conversations. Community administrators were also given the ability to spotlight their communities, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging. In a significant victory against harmful content, X managed to reduce child sexual abuse material by approximately 95% since the acquisition.

Video and Communication Revolution

The platform further expanded its capabilities by introducing voice direct messages and tweets, enabling users to express themselves in new and exciting ways. Video uploads for blue users were extended to 2 hours/8 GB, empowering content creators to share richer and more immersive videos. X also prioritized improving advertisement and brand safety, ensuring a secure environment for users and advertisers alike.

User-Centric Improvements

The platform continued to refine its user experience by introducing formatting options for long-form tweets and expanding the availability of community notes to more countries. Individual reply options for direct messages and custom emoji reactions further enhanced communication among users. Moreover, X’s commitment to user satisfaction was evident in the continuous Ux/Ui improvements.

Milestones and Achievements

X reached remarkable milestones, crossing over 550 million total active users and recording more than 8 billion user minutes per day. Subscriptions for creators were introduced, providing an additional source of revenue for content producers. The open-sourcing of recommended tweets’ code demonstrated X’s dedication to transparency and collaboration.

Combating Misinformation and Improving Ad Relevance

To combat misinformation and spam, legacy checkmarks were removed, and verified accounts were prioritized. The company also implemented rate limits to prevent data scraping, ensuring that users’ information remained secure. Additionally, improvements in ad relevance and brand safety bolstered the platform’s attractiveness to advertisers.

Embracing Free Speech and Truth

The platform took a stand for free speech, restoring the ability of users to express themselves without censorship. Twitter/𝕏 became a beacon of truth, exposing facts through Twitter files and debunking propaganda and misstatements through community notes.

Twitter Blue and Expanded Features

Twitter Blue, a premium subscription service, was launched globally, offering exclusive benefits to subscribers. Verified badges were extended to organizations, enabling them to establish credibility on the platform. X also introduced a plethora of features, including payments, voice/video calling, Spaces for web versions, editing video clips within the app, new live stream features, gifting blue subscriptions, search in bookmarks, a Twitter video app for SmartTVs, shadowban status checks, list search on the web, video translation, profile ads to support creators, encrypted image DMs, swipe-to-reply, live spaces rewind, improved media tabs on profiles, tipping, and enhancements to Tweet Deck.


Over the course of nine months, Twitter/𝕏 experienced a dramatic transformation under visionary leadership. From empowering content creators and enhancing user experience to combating harmful content and embracing free speech, the platform has emerged as a trailblazer in the social media industry. With a continuous focus on innovation and user-centricity, Twitter/𝕏 is set to redefine the way we interact and engage in the digital age. As we look forward to the future, the promise of more exciting features and advancements on Twitter/𝕏 is sure to keep us eagerly awaiting what’s next.

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