USB Devices Ubuntu Techhyme

How to List USB Devices in Ubuntu

Ubuntu, like many other Linux distributions, provides various commands to list and manage USB devices connected to your system. This can be useful for tasks such as identifying connected USB drives, checking their…

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Windows 11 Tricks Techhyme

5 Windows 11 Tricks You Should Try

Windows 11 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It’s the successor to Windows 10 and was officially released by Microsoft in October 2021. Windows 11 brings a fresh and…

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Microsoft Edge Techhyme

How To Change Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge to Google

Microsoft Edge is a popular web browser that offers users a variety of features and customization options. One of these features allows you to set your preferred search engine for your browsing experience….

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5 Methods to Clear the Recycle Bin in Windows 11

The Recycle Bin is a fundamental feature of the Windows operating system, and it continues to play a crucial role in the user interface of Windows 11. Whether you’re a novice or a…

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Close Open Ports Techhyme

How to Close Open Ports in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution known for its user-friendly interface and robust security features. However, like any operating system, Ubuntu may have open ports that, if left unattended, can pose security risks….

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PIP Install Ubuntu Techhyme

How to Install and Use Pip in Ubuntu

Pip, short for “Pip Installs Packages,” is a package manager for Python that allows you to easily install and manage Python packages and libraries. In this article, we will walk you through the…

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How To Check Ubuntu Version – 5 Different Ways

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and user-friendly Linux distributions, and like any operating system, it evolves over time with new releases and updates. If you’re using Ubuntu and want to know…

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Nxlog Forwarding Windows Logs to Syslog Server Techhyme

Sending Windows Logs to Syslog Server using NXLog-CE

Managing logs is an essential part of maintaining the health and security of any IT infrastructure. Windows systems generate a plethora of log data that can be invaluable for troubleshooting, monitoring, and auditing…

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Elasticsearch Field Error Techhyme

How To Increase The Elasticsearch Field Limit

Elasticsearch is a powerful and flexible search and analytics engine that allows you to store, search, and analyze large volumes of data quickly and in real-time. However, like any database system, Elasticsearch imposes…

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Adding Users in Windows and Linux: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding users to an operating system is a fundamental administrative task that allows individuals to access and utilize a computer system. Both Windows and Linux offer methods to create new users, and in…

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Active Connections Kali Linux Techhyme

How To Check Active Connections in Kali Linux

Kali Linux, known for its prowess in cybersecurity and ethical hacking, provides a powerful command-line tool called `netstat` for monitoring active network connections. This tool is indispensable for identifying potential security threats, troubleshooting…

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Kali linux system information commands techhyme

Top 11 System Information Commands in Kali Linux

In the realm of ethical hacking and penetration testing, the post-exploitation phase is a critical juncture where an attacker seeks to establish and maintain control over a compromised system. It’s during this phase…

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