VMware vCenter Vulnerabilities

VMware vCenter Vulnerabilities – It’s Time To Patch

Broadcom has recently released fixes for three vulnerabilities affecting VMware vCenter, two of which are of critical severity and allow remote code execution (RCE). This comes at a time when virtual machines (VMs)…

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Blackbaud Ransomware Attack Fined Attorney

Blackbaud’s $6.75M Fine For Ransomware Attack – A Wake-Up Call for Data Security

In a landmark decision, the California Attorney General’s Office has ordered Blackbaud, a South Carolina-based software company, to pay a hefty fine of $6.75 million. This penalty is a settlement for a ransomware…

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RBI Risk Manager of the Year Award

RBI Receives “Risk Manager of the Year 2024” Award

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been recognized as the “Risk Manager of the Year 2024” by Central Banking, a prestigious publication headquartered in London. This accolade underscores RBI’s remarkable strides in…

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Velvet Ant Chinese Hackers Group F5 BigIP

How ‘Velvet Ant’ Exploited F5 BIG-IP Appliances

In a sophisticated cyberattack, a group of suspected Chinese cyberespionage actors known as ‘Velvet Ant‘ targeted F5 BIG-IP appliances to gain a persistent foothold within internal networks. Their stealthy approach allowed them to…

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Apple Pay Later Ends

Apple Ends Pay Later Loan Scheme in the US

In a surprising move, technology giant Apple has decided to discontinue its in-house “Pay Later” loan scheme in the United States. Introduced just last year, this scheme allowed Apple Pay Later users to…

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Password Cracking Tools

7 Most Popular Password Cracking Tools

In this article, we’ll explore several powerful tools used for password cracking and wordlist generation. These tools are essential for security professionals, penetration testers, and anyone interested in understanding the vulnerabilities associated with…

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Backend Frameworks

Top 9 Most Popular Backend Frameworks on GitHub

In the world of web development, backend frameworks play a crucial role in building robust and scalable applications. Here, we present a list of the most popular backend frameworks based on the number…

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Successful Website

[9 Useful Tips] How to Create a Successful Website

A website can be a game-changer for your business. It can be the difference between success and failure. But what makes a website good? A good website is one that has excellent content,…

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Microsoft AI Recall Delayed

Microsoft’s AI Recall Feature Postponed Over Security Concerns

Microsoft has decided to postpone the release of its AI Recall feature, originally scheduled to ship with the new Copilot+ PCs on June 18. The decision comes in response to security and privacy…

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Life360 Hacked Data Breach

Life360 Discloses Data Breach – Personal Information Stolen From Tile Customer Support Platform

Life360, a prominent location tracking company, has recently disclosed a data breach that has impacted personal information stored on a customer support platform. The incident came to light when a threat actor contacted…

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Snowflake DB Hacked

Hackers Target Snowflake in Newly Discovered Cloud Attacks

In the realm of modern cloud computing, where hybrid technology infrastructure is the norm, security threats are an ever-present concern. Recently, customers of the IT services provider Snowflake have found themselves in the…

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Kandula Nagaraju

Fired Worker Kandula Nagaraju Deletes Company Data, Leading to S$918,000 Damages

In a shocking incident, a disgruntled employee wreaked havoc on his former company’s computer systems, causing a loss of approximately S$918,000 (US$678,000). The employee, Kandula Nagaraju, 39, was sentenced to two years and…

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FortiGate Firewall 20000 Hacked

Chinese Hackers Breached 20,000 FortiGate Systems Worldwide

The Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) has issued a warning about the extensive impact of a Chinese cyber-espionage campaign. The campaign, which was unveiled earlier this year, is reportedly “much larger…

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