17 Emerging Application Areas of Information Technology (IT)

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Information technology has influenced every aspect of human lives. The information is available to the user with just a click of mouse.

Information technology has number of application in various areas like:

  1. Business and Industry
  2. Education and Training
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Entertainment
  5. Airlines
  6. Banking
  7. Hotel Management
  8. Railways
  9. Education
  10. Weather Forecasting
  11. Scientific Applications
  12. Information Kiosks
  13. Video Games
  14. Mobile Phone
  15. Financial System
  16. Inventory Control
  17. Insurance

Let’s discuss one by one:

1. Applications of IT in Business and Industry

Information Technology is used in all trade industries and businesses, in service as well as in manufacturing. It is affecting workers at all levels of organizations, from the executives to middle management and clerks, The main applications of information technology in business and industry are:

  • Buying and selling of product electronically is a major application of information technology in business and industry. We can online sell our products to the customers as per their requirements.
  • To pay the amount by the cust0mer credit cards are used which is another application of information technology in business and industry.
  • Software packages are being used to enhance the product in front of people with the various means such as advertisement on websites.
  • With the help of information technology the business can have global presence. The products can be displayed online and person sitting in any corner of the world can purchase the products.
  • The data can be shared and transferred by the business organizations at much faster rate with the use of information technology.
  • The experts sitting in different parts of world can discuss various business strategies for the expansion of the business with the use of video conferencing etc.
  • A business organization having branches at different locations can keep them integrated with the use of information technology. All the branches can have access to the total manufacturing,sales etc. by using tools like ERP (Enterprise resource planning).
  • Barcode reading system is used to read the codes which are kept on the label of the product. This code gives all the information of the products like its price, year of manufacturing etc.

2. Applications of IT in Education and Training

  • The information technology in the today’s world has increased the learning of the students with the help of new technical aids of teaching like Overhead projectors.
  • Technology has resulted in increased interaction between the students and the teacher with the use of newer ways of education . For example with the use of smart classrooms the students can interact with the teachers and among themselves in a better way.
  • Now-a-days every institution such as schools and colleges provide the information on their web sites so that every student can easily retrieve the required information. The syllabus and all the information can be easily accessed by the students and their parents.
  • Sometimes it is required to present the information in a summarized way and using less amount of time. This can be done by using tools like power point presentations.
  • Digital Libraries is an important application of information technology in education and training. Students can access the online books by just clicking a mouse button.
  • With the help of video conferencing the students can attend the lectures of experts from any part of the world.
  • The students can also undergo online training programs offered by various companies and there is no need to go at the place of training.
  • Some universities are conducting online exams for the students. This saves the students from traveling long distance for appearing in exams.

3. Applications of IT in Science and Technology

  • Weather forecasting is an important scientific application of information technology. We are able to know the weather of the coming day & even about the months also. It also helps in the prediction of natural calamities like volcanoes, earthquakes etc.
  • In case of military operations, information technology plays very important role. New and intelligent weapons are being developed for protection and defense as well. The enemy positions can be targeted accurately with the use of sophisticated weapons and computers.
  • Information technology plays major role in the launching of many satellites and placing them correctly in the space. Man has been able to reach on moon and even other planets also.
  • In our daily life we come across various applications which has made the human lives quite easy such as ATM’s used in the banks, which helps us to draw cash whenever and wherever we require.
  • Various oil companies as well as government also use information technology aids for oil and natural gas exploration.
  • It is only because of information technology that the dangerous diseases can be diagnosed and cured. For example laser technology is used in cure of various diseases by just inserting a small telescope in the body, which is a major application of information technology.
  • Robots are on the move all over the world & almost every work is being done by robots which have become possible only because of programming done by the software experts.
  • The researchers can carry out research easily and efficiently by using various information technology tools. Various software’s are also available which helps in getting accurate results for various research problems.

4. Applications of IT in Entertainment

  • Computer games are a major source of entertainment for the children these days. They can install the games on the computer or they can they can play it online also with other users sitting in some part of the world.
  • Animated films are another entertainment source these days. Animation helps the children to learn the subjects by seeing the pictures on the screen which is more enjoyable rather than reaching the books.
  • In the today’s world mobile is used by the people of every age group. Mobile games, SMS, music players etc are the mobile applications of information technology.
  • Internet usage has increased many times in the last few years. These are various ways of entertaining through internet like online games, online movies and songs, chatting etc.
  • Information technology is also increasing social interaction among the people through various social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Television has also introduced the use of information technology in its various fields like in the news channels we can read the headlines as well can listen to the news. The sports channel are able to display every type of data like records, achievements of each player in just a minute only because of records stored in the databases.

5. Applications of IT in Airlines

  • With the use of computers, passengers can reserve tickets on-line from an air line office situated anywhere in the world.
  • At airports computers are used to provide the required information to the passengers, like information regarding the time schedule of various flights is provided with the help of computers.
  • Traffic control signals used at the airports are controlled by computers. These signals are responsible for the safe movement of planes over airline.
  • Computers are used by the pilots to control the speed of the plane. Computers give exact information of the plane to the pilot. It is also used ro provide various instructions to the pilot. With the help of computers pilots can take decisions in a small interval of time in case of any emergency.
  • During the pilots training computers are used to monitor the pilots actions and maintains the record of pilots performance.
  • Traffic controller use computers to control air traffic. Computers are used to record the communication between the pilot ans the traffic controller.
  • In autopilot system actions can be taken without any human intervention computers are used to control the whole system of the plane. Hence, there is no need of pilot in such systems.
  • Computers ensures the safety mechanism in the plane as it used to monitor the engine regularly.

6. Applications of IT in Banking

  • In banks, computers are used to store the records of customers. Computers records are very easy to maintain and it is very easy to search any particular customers from any record.
  • Computers are used to link various branches of bank to one another and also to link all the branches to one central location.
  • With the help of I.T. new machines have been manufactured which can count money at very fast pace and can detect illegal currency as well.
  • Computers are used to manage accounts of banks in order to secure the accounts from illegal intervention of bank employees.
  • Computers are also used to store the record of every transaction that takes place in the bank.
  • Printers attached to computers are used to print the documents in the bank.
  • Computers are also used in automatic teller machine (ATM).
  • With the help of computers money can be transferred from one account to the other without visiting to the bank by the customer. This type of transfer of money is known as electronic transfer.
  • MICR (Magnetic ink character recognition) is an output device attached to the computers. It is used in banking industry for faster processing of large volume of cheques handled everyday.
  • MICR technology also ensures the accuracy of information printed account no. cheque no.mane, branch and identification code of bank on the cheques.
  • Scanners attached to computers are used to scan documents in the bank.
  • Customers can check their accounts on-line by using computers and internet.
  • Computers are used to update the record of the customer automatically.
  • Video cameras placed in banks are controlled by computers. Thus computers are used to establish security system in the banks.
  • Computers are used to transfer the documents between the various franchise of the bank and to the head-office as well.
  • Computers and internet helps in online shopping where the payments are made through the credit cards issued by the banks.
  • VRS (voice response system) is an output device which helps the customers to get their account information on the telephone.
  • Computers are used to issue checks and drafts in the bank.

7. Applications of IT in Hotel Management

  • All the hotels are computerized nowadays. Database of hotels is maintained and prepared in such a way that it holds the record of each and every facility available in the hotel.
  • Today all the good quality hotels have their website. Hotels use their website for the advertisement of their hotel.
  • Customers can access the hotel website and can get information about the hotel’s location,availability of rooms in the hotel, rent of a room and about the good available in the hotel.
  • With the help of computers customers can book rooms on-line.
  • In hotels, managers use computers to keep the record of costumers, employees, rooms,etc.
  • In hotels, computers are used in finance department as well. Computers are used to keep the track of the fills of the customers. Accounts of hotels are maintained by computers. Computers automatically update these accounts.
  • The monthly or annual report of the hotel is prepared by using computers. This report shows the profit or loss and thus helps the management in decision making.
  • Front office manager uses the computers to receive the complaints and suggestions.
  • Cameras placed in hotels are organized and controlled by using computers.
  • Hotel owners use computers to maintain the payroll of employees and the account of the hotel.
  • Hotel owners use computers to keep the track of employee, status of rooms etc.
  • Computers are used for entertainment purposes in hotels. Customers use computers for playing games and watching movies etc.
  • Computers are used to maintain the invoice of the customers. So that the customers do not face any difficulty regarding their payments and expenditures.

8. Applications of IT in Railways

  • Railways have established many computerized reservation centres in cities from where passengers can reserve tickets very easily.
  • Tickets can be looked and printed at home with the help of E-ticketing facility introduced by Indian railways.
  • Computerized reservation prevents the innocent passengers from being fleeced by looking staff and touts.
  • With the help of computers passengers can get any kind of information regarding any train from any station.
  • Computers are used to store information related to trains. These are used to store information regarding the number and name of the train,number of seats available on each train in each class, the journey date, the source, the destination etc.
  • Computers are also used to store information related to passengers. These are used to save information regarding the names of the persons going on the journey with their age, sex, class, fare etc.
  • Computers are used to check that whether berths are available on the train a person intend to travel by on a particular date. If seats are available, the computer prints the tickets.
  • Computers are used in automatic announcement systems at the platforms and hence provide the information regarding train arrival or departure to the passengers.
  • On railway stations computers are used to keep the records of passengers. Computer records are very easy to maintain and it is very easy to search any particular passenger from any record.
  • Printers attached to computers are used to print tickets.
  • Scanners attached to computers are used to check the tickets of passengers.
  • In trains announcement system controlled by computers provides information regarding the train routes, distance between the stations etc. to the passengers.
  • In metros computers automatically controls the speed, brakes, signals and routes of the train. It is also used for opening and closing the gates at railway platforms.
  • Computers are used as security systems in trains. These are also responsible for the opening and closing of gates at railway platforms especially in metros.
  • Palmtop are mini computers. These are used by railway 77 to verify the tickets or routes are main.
  • In trains computers are main source of entertainment. Passengers use computers to listen to music and to play games.

9. Applications of IT in Education

  • Computers are useful for the kids also kids use computers to do their home work. In this way computers are interesting way.
  • On internet number of tutors and tutorials are available. Students can access these tutorials on-line and can learn various subjects.
  • Computers are used important information in the E-mail ID’s of students directly. Information can be displayed directly on the website of college using computers.
  • All the records related to the students can be easily stored with the help of computers.
  • Students and teachers can take the help of internet to search various topics related to their subject.
  • With the help of internet students can take information about various causes available in various institute.
  • The education can be provided to the students in the remote areas or to the villages with the help of video conferencing.
  • With the help of internet and computers on-line tests can be conducted students can appear in their exams on-line and can also check their results on-line. This procedure saves the time of students and teachers.
  • Teachers can use computers and projectors to teach. The use of these audio-video aids make teaching much effective.
  • Computers are used to prepare and preserve the progress report of the students.
  • The students can check the status of the various books available in the library with the help of internet.
  • Computers are used in libraries also. Instead of books, computers are placed in the libraries. A students enters the name of the book in the computer he/she wants to read and contents of book appear on the screen.
  • Encyclopedia is very helpful for the students. Students can keep this encyclopedia in the form of C.D’s. These CD’s are very easy to preserve.
  • Computers are used to preserve confidential documents like question papers, progress reports etc.
  • Students can use various software to make their presentation or seminar effective.
  • With the help of internet student and teachers can purchase books from any part of the world.
  • Computers are used in libraries to keep the record of available books issued books and total number of books in the library.

10. Applications of IT in Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting means prediction of future weather conditions with the help of satellites and computers. Weather forecasting is done with the help of satellites moving around the earth. These satellites are controlled by super computers. Satellites monitor each and every part of the earth and send the related information in the form of pictures to the super computers. Information send by satellites is analyzed by the computers. This information analyses helps to predict the changing weather conditions. Thus super computers help in weather forecasting.

  • Airlines use information about weather conditions in order to schedule their flights.
  • Farmers use the information about weather conditions in order to plan the plantation of crops, for which crop the predicted weather would be suitable.
  • Weather forecasting helps us to make and plan our day to day activities and helps us to keep out of danger.
  • If we want to visit a new place then with the help of weather forecasting we can know about the weather and climate of that place and take appropriate measures based on the information.
  • By using supercomputers and information provided by the satellites we can get information regarding natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, cyclones etc.
  • Super computers and satellites are also used by various news channels and weather stations in order to forecast the weather conditions.
  • Super computers and satellites are capable of forecast of the weather conditions of five days in advance.
  • Weather forecasting predicts about tsunamis, storms, snowfall and rainfall etc. Based on this information appropriate measures can be taken in advance in order to save life and property.

11. Applications of IT in Scientific Applications

  • Scientific applications involves the use of satellites and rockets which are controlled by computers.
  • Scientist use computers to develop hypothesis of their experiment.
  • Computers are used by researchers to collect and analyze data. Researchers can also exchange data or information with their colleagues sitting in any corner of the world with the help of internet.
  • Scientist can access remote files placed in some remote computer without moving to the remote computer with the help of TELNET.
  • People related to field of science can get any information related to their subject within in a a small interval of time with the help of internet.
  • Large calculations can be done in a fraction of seconds with the help of computers which otherwise takes house to give results.
  • Computers can measure the rate of natural climates e.g. computers can be used to calculate the intensity of earthquakes.
  • Computers are used by researchers to keep the record various experiments.
  • Computers controls the satellites moving around the earth, It also helps the researchers to know the position of satellites in space.
  • Satellites monitors the space-computers are used in satellites to capture the pictures of space.
  • Scientist use computers of make 3-D models, using computers scientists designs fine accurate products molecules etc.
  • In mathematics computers are used to compute mean,mode, variance, standard deviation etc.
  • Scientific application programs are written using a scientific programming language such as FORTRAN.
  • Computer technology is also used in medical field.e.g. ECG electrocardiogram is used to check the functioning of heart.

12. Applications of IT in Information Kiosks

Kiosks is an information centre which is used to provide information in order to increase public awareness. These are generally a combination of hardware and software. It is a special computers in which monitor is used for both input and output. Monitor has touch sensors. When the user touches the screen these sensors get activated and sends the information of touching the screen to the CPU. The CPU perform action according to the touching command and provide the required results to the uses. Information kiosks provide information in the form of text, graphics, audio-video visuals etc. Kiosks are generally placed at public places so that the people of all age groups can use it, in order related to them. Maintenance of kiosks require no human intervention. The users can get the information about company services, tourist locations, flight schedule, train schedules etc.

Advantages of information kiosks are:-

  • Kiosks are placed at railway station in order to provide information regarding the schedules of trains to the passengers.
  • Some companies use kiosks for the advertisement of their products.
  • Some banks install kiosks at their regional headquarter. so, that their customer can check their account status on-line.
  • In museums, kiosks are installed to provide information about the exhibits.
  • The retail shops or shopping malls use information kiosks which help the user in making decisions while purchasing the different products.
  • The users can take the printout of information required from information kiosks by paying the cast of the printing at the information kiosks.
  • With the help of information kiosks there is no need to wait at the information counter for getting the information.
  • With the use of information kiosks there is less need of human labor as the user can get the information automatically by clicking on the interface provided by the information kiosks.
  • Kiosks are very easy to use. People of all age groups and education levels can use it.
  • Sometime kiosks are installed by government in order increase public awareness. Information regarding various diseases, laws etc.can be provided to public with the use of information kiosks.

13. Applications of IT in Video Games

Computers improved the quality of video games. Computers games are developed by team of developers which consists of graphic designer, programmer, sound designer and other technicians.

Use of computers in video games are as follows:-

  • Computers are used to create special effects in games. Various sound effects,graphic tricks are generated by using computers.
  • Computers make up the game interesting and attractive for the player as computers help the user to try out different game strategies.
  • Various 3-D effects animation effects created by the computer makes the game thrilling and exciting for the players.
  • Use of computers make the video games much more realistic games are designed in such a way completely resembles real world entities.
  • Visual tricks makes the games attractive for the player. These tricks are accomplished with the help of computers.
  • The games which can be played by more than one player at a time are known as multi Player games. Multiplayer games can be played on single computer or users players can establish networking between two or more computers.
  • With the help of internet players can play the game on-line. Players which are at different locations can play the games with each other by using internet.
  • With the use of input devices like keyboard, mouse and joystick it become very easy to play a video game.

14. Applications of IT in Mobile Phone

  • Mobile companies use computers to keep the record of their customers.
  • In mobile industry, computers are used to create the accounts of various customer. These accounts are updated automatically by computers.
  • Different mobile companies use different technologies to establish network between the mobile sets.
  • Each mobile has its satellite which is used to transmit the signals. These satellites are controlled by computers and also controlled by computers and also enables the mobile phones to transmit data at faster rate.
  • Computer technology provide the services of MP3 player, camera, clock, calendar, reminders,alarm clock, video games, calculator on the mobile phones.
  • Computer technology enables the mobile phone to provide the facility of Phonebook. This phonebook can store the phone numbers and addresses of large number of people with their names.
  • Computer technology also provides Childlock facility and password facility lock system facility provide security to the mobile phone in case the user lost his mobile.
  • Computers are also used to provide the services of internet on the mobile phones user can access internet on the mobile phone.
  • Computer technology also provides the SMS services on the mobile phone. This service enables the mobile uses send and receive written messages.
  • Printers attached to computers are used to print the fills of mobile phone.
  • Companies use computers to provide the information to the customers regarding the different services provided by the company.
  • Computers are used in mobile networks as well. Computers controls the flow of data from source to destination and also decides the path which the data packets should follow.
  • Mobile phone with large capacity and advanced technology can be used as computers also. In this way mobile phone act as mini computers or palmtop computers.
  • Computers technology enables mobile phone to keep the record of recently dialed calls, received calls, and missed calls with the time and data of each and every call.

15. Applications of IT in Financial System

Financial system refers to money management process. In business money is the most important organ. Every business organization tries its best to use its money in a way to obtain maximum profit it. Nowadays all the organization use computers to maintain its money matters.

Uses of computers in various organisations are as follows:-

  • Nowadays almost all the organisations use computers to create and manage their accounts.
  • Computers are used by various organizations for financial planning. Companies use computers to create and maintain its capital budgeting.
  • Computers are used to keep the record of various transactions accruing in any organization.
  • Computers are also used for financial forecasting in different organizations computers are used to make some calculations for the future. The organizations make different plans based on these calculations.
  • Computers are used to maintain ledgers. A ledger is a book having rows and columns that accountants use for keeping a record of financial transactions and for preparing financial statements.
  • Computers are used to calculate the profit and loss of an organization.
  • With the use of internet and computers, documents and funds can be transferred from one organization to the other organization.
  • Scanners attached to computers are used to scan documents and verifies either the documents are legal or are illegal.
  • Printers attached to computers are used to print various documents in different organisations.
  • Computers and store large amount of data for long time. Computers also prevents data from unauthorized access therefore, many organizations use computers to store important information.
  • Computers are also used to prepare fills purchase orders and other notices in an organization.
  • Organizations use different software to manage its account e.g.tally software.
  • Managing committee or authorities check the enterprises financial status on-line.
  • There are automatic financial packages available from many companies.
    e.g. Microsoft-Dynamics AX, Microsoft-Dynamics GP
  • Computerized financial system solves the multi-currency issue for international business.

16. Applications of IT in Inventory Control

Inventory is stock of products manufactured by a company for sale. Raw materials also a type of inventory that is converted into a product through the manufacturing process.

Role of I.T. in inventory is as follows :-

  • Computers are used to keep the records of stocks available in the shopping malls or stores by the store peeper.
  • Computers automatically updates the record of stock i.e. it increments the stock record if an item is added in the stock and decrements the stock record automatically when item is removed from the stock.
  • Computers are used to send the purchase order on-line to the company from which items are to be purchased and also the customers receives the bill on-line.
  • Computers are used to prepare comparative statements i.e. computers are used to calculate the minimums prize of the items if the same item is manufactured by different companies.
  • Computers are used to calculate the total amount of a bill. Printers attached to computers print those bills.
  • With the help of internet managing committee can get the stock information on-line.
  • In large departmental stores smart shelves are used which automatically tells the manager about the item sold. These shelves also keep the record of available stock on the periodic basis monthly, weekly, daily or annually.
  • BCR (bar code readers) also enables the shop keeper to keep the records of stock available in the shop.

17. Applications of IT in Insurance

  • Computers are used to keep the record of customers (insurer), customer’s policy and terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Insurance companies use information technology to send the reminder or notice to insurers regarding their due premiums.
  • Insurer can access the website of a company and can get information about different policies and their items and conditions.
  • Insurers use computer for on-line insurance and can also pay their premium to the insurance company on line with the help of computer and internet.
  • Insurers can check the status of their policies on-line with the help of computer and internet.
  • Insures can get the advice of insurance officer or agent online with the help of computer and internet even without visiting the office.
  • Insurance officer and insurer can communicate through E-mail which is very fast and cheaper than postal services.
  • Insurer can receive all the documents and instructions issued by insurance company online.
  • Insurance officer can handle large number of insurers at a time with the help of computer and internet.
  • Scanners placed in insurance companies are used to verify the customers documents.
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