400 One Liner Questions Related to Computer and Internet


Many computer users believe that because they are skilled at generating spreadsheets, word processing documents, and presentations, they know everything about computers. These users have moved beyond application basics, but many still do not understand even basic facts.

The below mentioned questions will also helps you to clear all the competitive exams:

  1. The first programming language was – FORTRAN
  2. Which stores data permanently in a computer – ROM
  3. Which is a main system board a computer – Mother Board
  4. What is a bug in a computer terminology – an error in program
  5. An electronic path, that sends signals from one part of computer to another is – Bus
  6. USB is which type of storage device – Tertiary
  7. Who is known as father of Artificial Intelligence – John Mc Carthy
  8. Which term is related to database – Oracle
  9. Computer resolution measures – Number of Pixels
  10. One nibble is equal to how many bits – 4 Bits
  11. What can be considered as basic building blocks of a digital circuit – Logic Gates
  12. What is full form of RAM – Random Access Memory
  13. Which among following is secondary storage device – Hard Disc
  14. What is responsible for specifying address of a memory location – Address Bus
  15. ULSI microprocessor is used in which generation of computers – Fifth Generation
  16. Where is cache memory is located – CPU
  17. Which function key is used to check spellings – F7
  18. Which type of software is an operating system – System Software
  19. If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as – Multiprocessor
  20. Which program is run by BIOS to check hardware components are working properly while computer is turned ON – Post
  21. What is responsible for finding and loading operating system into RAM – Bootstrap Loader
  22. Full form of URL is – Uniform Resource Locator
  23. Which type of storage device is a BIOS – Primary
  24. Which is most common language used in web designing – HTML
  25. BIOS is used for – Loading Operating System
  26. Who was the father of Internet – Vin Cerf
  27. In banking, railways etc which computers are used – Main Frames
  28. Intersection of columns and rows is called a – Cell
  29. 1 Mega Byte is equal to – 1024 Kilo Bytes
  30. What is full form of EXIF – Exchangeable Image File Format
  31. Which operations are performed by RAM – Read and Write
  32. WWW stands for – World Wide Web
  33. Documents, Movies, Images and Photographs etc are stored at a – File Server
  34. Where are saved files stored in computer – Hard disk
  35. What is the meaning of OSI, in terms of computers – Open System Interconnection
  36. What is full form of GUI in terms of computers – Graphical user Interface
  37. ROM is – non volatile
  38. Which among following is commonly used language in Android applications – JAVA
  39. MPG is an file extension of which type of files – Video
  40. Which among following is engine of computer  Processor
  41. If a computer provides database services to other, then it will be known as – Database Server
  42. Which type of switching is used in Internet – Packet
  43. Which is responsible for communication between Memory and ALU – Control Unit
  44. In computer what converts AC to DC – SMPS
  45. Who invented keyboard – Christoper Latham Sholes
  46. Which operating system is developed by Apple – Mac OS
  47. From which year 5th generation of computers is considered – 1980
  48. What is full form of HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  49. Which are the main parts of central processing unit – Control unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit
  50. Microsoft office is type of – Application software
  51. If CPU executes multiple programs simultaneously, it will be known as – Multitasking
  52. Which device among following is used for sending digital data over a phone line – Modern
  53. What is used to make computer chips – Silicon
  54. In which of the following form, data is stored in computer – Binary form
  55. Where is RAM located – Mother Board
  56. A wireless technology built in electronic gadgets used for exchanging data over short distances is – Bluetooth
  57. By pressing which key we can move to beginning of a page – Home
  58. Who invented Java – James Gosling
  59. Which of following is used in RAM – Semi Conductors
  60. An Assembler is used to translate a program written in – Assembly Language
  61. What is meaning of OMR – Optical Mark Reader
  62. Technology used to provide internet by transmitting data over wires of telephone network is – DSL
  63. Verification is process of – Authentication
  64. Which language was used as first generation language – Machine Language
  65. Which level language is Assembly Language – low-level programming language
  66. What is the name of first super computer of India – Param 8000
  67. What is LINUX – Operating System
  68. A 32-bit word computer can access …bytes at a time – 4
  69. The first microprocessor built by the Intel Corporation was called – 4004
  70. The computer that process both analog and digital is called – Hybrid Computer
  71. In 1999, the Melissa virus was a widely publicized ____________? – E-mail virus
  72. Which of the following commands is given to reboot the computer? – Ctrl+Alt+Del
  73. What is correcting errors in a program called ? – Debugging
  74. BCD is ____________? – Binary Coded Decimal
  75. What type of virus uses computer hosts to reproduce itself? – Worm
  76. SMTP, FTP and DNS are applications of the ____________layer? – Application
  77. Which command is used to select the whole document? – Ctrl+A
  78. COBOL is an acronym for ____________? – Common Business Oriented Language
  79. The ability of an OS to run more than one application at a time is called? – Multitasking
  80. What is the functional key to display save-as box? – F12
  81. Full form of NOS ? – Network Operating system
  82. Something which has easily understood instructions is said to be ____________? – Analog Data
  83. A modem is connected to a ____________? – Telephone Line
  84. Refresh Rate of monitor is measured in? – Hertz
  85. What was the chief component of first generation computer? – Vacuum tube &Valves
  86. Name the Father of Computer Mouse? – Douglas Engel bart
  87. A program that performs a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is __? – Trojan Horse
  88. The geometric arrangement of devices on the network is called ____________? – Topology
  89. The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into ____________? – Information
  90. Where are the CPU and memory located? – Motherboard
  91. Where BIOS is stored – Flash Memory Chip
  92. IP address version 4 is in which format – 32 bit
  93. Who was the Founder of Bluetooth – Ericson
  94. What kind of operations can a computer carry out? – Arithmetic and Logical
  95. Modern computers follow a generalized set of instructions to perform any function. What are these instructions better known as? – Programs
  96. When were the first digital electronic calculating machines developed? – during world war II
  97. Which of the following is the processing unit of the computer? – CPU
  98. Which part of the computer carries out the arithmetic and logical operations – Processing Element
  99. Which of the following are part of the Logical Operations of the computer – Greater Than
  100. Which of the following comprise the input devices – Keyboard and Mouse
  101. Which of the following devices comprise the output unit? – Visual Display Unit
  102. Which of the following lies within the CPU? – Primary Memory
  103. Which of the following comprise the software components of a computer? – Programs
  104. In a book of which author was the word computer first mentioned – Richard Braithwait
  105. Which of the following is seen as the earliest mechanical analog computer – Tally Stick
  106. Which of the following devices incorporated a mechanical calendar computer – Astrolabe
  107. Who gave the first successful demonstration of use of a simplified analytical engine in computing tables in 1888? – Henry Babbage
  108. Which of the following is the first example of an electromechanical relay computer – Z2
  109. Which of the following was considered as the world’s first fully automatic digital computer – Z3
  110. Which was the world’s first electronic digital programmable computer – Colossus
  111. Who had proposed the principle of modern computer in his 1936 paper – Alan Turing
  112. In laser printer which type of laser is used – Semiconductor laser
  113. In Microsoft word, ____________provides information about the current document – Status bar
  114. Virus stands for – Vital Information Resource Under Siege
  115. What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called – IP address
  116. A method of bypassing normal authentication procedures to a computer system is known as unauthorized access – Backdoor
  117. Which is a volatile memory – RAM
  118. Which programming language is developed by James A Gosling – Java
  119. Commonly used abbreviation ISP in computer science stands for – Internet Service Provider
  120. Which is used to enter data and instruction into a computer – Input Device
  121. ____________ changes each time it is installed to avoid detection by antivirus software – Polymorphic Virus
  122. Systems running more than one processes concurrently are called – Multi programming
  123. Which has the largest storing – Tera Byte
  124. Which is an application protocol – HTTP
  125. In IT, associated memory is called as – Content addressable memory
  126. Unix operating system was developed in 1970s by – Bell Labs
  127. ‘Safari’ is a type of – Browser
  128. Protocol used for sending an email is – SMTP
  129. Bold and italic formatting are example of – Text Style
  130. Router is used in which layer – Network Layer
  131. The brain of any computer system is – CPU
  132. Which language is used by computer to process data – Binary
  133. Any data or instruction entered into to memory of computer is called as – Input
  134. Which material is used in the manufacturing of electric heater coil – Nichrome
  135. Which is a light sensitive device used for converting images to their digital form – Scanner
  136. ‘Homepage’ is a word associated with – web page
  137. …Bar is located at top of wordpad/notepad – Title
  138. In Microsoft Word, ____________ allows us to change the color of selected text – font color
  139. ____________ are designed to read and interpret HTML – Browser
  140. Which is a modifier key in a computer keyboard – Shift Key
  141. In IT the technique that is used to increase the bandwidth is – Memory Inter leaving
  142. Which is the default body font in Microsoft Word 2007 – Calibri
  143. constantly running system – Program Processes are known as – Daemons
  144. Notepad’ is a text editor in which of the operating system – Windows
  145. The fundamental purpose of BIOS is – to initialize and text system hardware components
  146. Which output device is used for translating information from a computer into pictorial form on paper – Plotter
  147. The idea of the integrated circuit was first given by – Geoffrey Dummer
  148. The command that merges the contents of one file to another is – APPEND
  149. In MS word, what is a gutter margin – space left for binding
  150. Which company developed Java – Sun
  151. What is the base of the Octal Numeral System – 8
  152. How many layers are there in the OSI networking model – 7
  153. Which error is identified by the complier – Logical Errors
  154. Raymond Samuel Tomilson is famous for developing – Email
  155. C++ is a – Programming language
  156. Processed data is known as – Information
  157. Who invented logarithms – John Napier
  158. What is the mascot of Linux Operating System – Penguin
  159. What is the full form of “LAN” – Local Area Network
  160. How many bits does an IP address contain – 32 Bits
  161. Syntax Errors are determined by – Control Unit
  162. The tag line “Do No Evil” is owned by – Google
  163. Which is a main system board of a computer – Mother Board
  164. What is the name of the first super computer of the world – CDC 6600
  165. ALU is a part of a computer is – Processor
  166. Lisp is a programming language built by whom – John McCarthy
  167. In IT terminology failure in the kernel is called as – crash
  168. Which key is used to move to next line in a Ms-Word document – Enter-Key
  169. Netscape Navigator is a – web browser
  170. What is a bug I Computer terminology – an error in program
  171. In networks, a small message used to pass between one stations to another is known as – Token
  172. Who is known as the founder of IBM Company? – Thomas J. Watson
  173. An image on a computer screen is made up of ____________? – Pixels
  174. Full form of MAN ? – Metropolitan Area Network
  175. Which command in DOS can be used to recover accidentally deleted files? – UNDELETE
  176. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language atone time is called__? – Characters
  177. In which year, the Microsoft company was founded? – 1975
  178. What is the personal computer operating system that organizes and uses a graphic desktop environment? – Windows
  179. What are Light pen and joystick ? – Input Devices
  180. What is a half byte also called as? – Nibble
  181. SMPS stands for ____________? – Switched mode Power Supply
  182. What do we use to change the appearance and positioning of text document in MSWord? – Formatting
  183. A ____________ is approximately a million bytes? – Megabyte
  184. Daisy wheel, Drum, chain etc are the__? – Printers
  185. XML stands for __? – Extensible Markup Language
  186. What kind of scheme is the HTTP protocol? – Request/Response
  187. Magnetic disk is an example of ____________? – Secondary Memory
  188. What is the meaning of OSI, in terms of computers ? – Open system Interconnection
  189. Which type of storage device is a BIOS ? – Primary
  190. Personal Computer is – PC
  191. A desktop computer is also known as – PC
  192. Super computer developed by Indian scientist – Param
  193. The third generation computer was made with – Integrated circuits
  194. In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed – Both Sequentially and parallel
  195. The person contributing the idea of the stored program was – John Neumann
  196. The earliest software was developed using – the waterfall model
  197. Inventor of C ++ is – Bjarne Stroustrup
  198. The first machine to successfully perform a long series of arithmetic and logical operations was – Mark – I
  199. Who designed the first electronic computers ENIAC – J Presper Eckert and John W Mauchy
  200. The third generation of the computer were in – 1965-1971
  201. The first generation computers had – Vacuum tubes and magnetic drum
  202. Artificial Intelligent is associated with which generation – Fifth
  203. The personal computer industry was started by – IBM
  204. The fifth generation computing devices, based on – artificial intelligence
  205. In which generation did magnetic disc started being used for storage – second generation computers
  206. The man who built the first mechanical calculators was – Blaise Pascal
  207. Computers built before the first generation of computer were – Electro–mechanical
  208. Punched cards were first introduced by – Herman Hollrith
  209. First generation computer system used – Vacuum tubes
  210. The father of modern computer is – Alan Turin
  211. Super computer developed by Indian scientists – Param
  212. A group of 8 bits is known as – byte
  213. Which is the fastest type of computer – Supercomputer
  214. A computer system that is old and perhaps not satisfactory is referred to as – Legacy system
  215. Which type of computers uses the 8-bit code called EBCDIC – Mainframe computers
  216. The earlier calculating devices was – Abacus
  217. Punch cards were first introduced by – Herman Hollerith
  218. Microprocessor as switching devices are for which generation computers – second generation
  219. Who has invented Mark – I – Howard Aiken
  220. Second generation computers are made of – Transistors
  221. Who was the father of super computers – Seymour Cray
  222. How many vacuum tubes was used if ENIAC – 17468
  223. The computer size was very large is – first generation
  224. What is the extension type of the excel 2007 files? – .xlsx
  225. Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of ____________? – Identity theft
  226. The amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document is called__? – Line Spacing
  227. A computer cannot ‘boot’ if it does not have the ____________? – Operating system
  228. What is the other name for programmed chip? – LSIC
  229. A normal CD- ROM usually can store up to ____________data? – 680 MB
  230. What does DMA stand for? – Direct Memory Access
  231. Full form of LAN ? – Local Area Network
  232. ASCII stands for ____________? – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  233. Second Generation computers were developed during ____________? – 1956-65
  234. When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands? – 1991
  235. What kind of memory is both static and non -volatile? – ROM
  236. An error in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer jargon for it? – Glitch
  237. Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as ____________? – Spam
  238. The common name for the crime of stealing passwords is ____________? – Spoofing
  239. BIOS stands for ____________? – Basic Input Output System
  240. Who is regarded as Father of “C‘ programming language? – Dennis Ritchie
  241. RAM can be treated as the ____________ for the computer’s processor. – Waiting Room
  242. Computers manipulate data in many ways, and this manipulation is called ____________? – Processing
  243. Joshy, Perfumes are examples of ____________? – Viruses
  244. The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer is an example of a law enforcement speciality called ____________? –  Computer Forensics
  245. Where does most data go first with in a computer memory hierarchy? – RAM
  246. Help Menu is available at which button? – Start
  247. Which file contains permanent data and gets updated during the processing of transactions? – Master File
  248. A DVD is an example of an ____________? – Optical Disc
  249. Which is most common tool used to restrict access to computer system? – Passwords
  250. The technology that stores only essential instructions on a microprocessor chip and thus enhances its speed is referred as ____________? – RISC
  251. What is the name of an application program that gathers user information and sends it to someone through the Internet? – Spybot
  252. Who invented Analytical engine – Charles Babbage
  253. Blaise Pascal has introduced – Adding Machine
  254. Micro programming introduced – Maurice Wilkies
  255. Vacuum Tube is the invention of – 1st generation
  256. World Computer Literacy Day is observed on – December 2
  257. Which type of computer is the most powerful – Supercomputer
  258. The first computer introduced in Nepal was – IBM 1401
  259. Chip is a common nickname for – Integrated Circuit
  260. Which company developed the microprocessor – Intel
  261. A megabyte is actually equal to – 1024 Kilobytes
  262. Office LANS, which are scattered geographically on large scale, can be connected by the use of corporate ____________? – WAN ( wide area network )
  263. To move a copy of file from one computer to another over a communication channel is called? – File Transfer
  264. Large transaction processing systems in automated organizations use ____________? – Batch Processing
  265. MICR stands for ____________? – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  266. Name of 1st electronic computer? – ENIAC
  267. No. of different characters in ASCII coding system? – 1024
  268. MSIC stands for ____________? – Medium Scale Integrated Circuits
  269. The scrambling of code is known as ____________? – Encryption
  270. The first computers were programmed using ____________? – Machine Language
  271. A fault in a computer program which prevents it from working correctly is known as__? – Bug
  272. Which button makes alphabets/letters in uppercase and lowercase and numbers to symbols? – Shift
  273. When a computer is switched on, the booting process performs ____________? – Power on self test
  274. What is the software frequently utilized by end users called (like Word, PowerPoint)? – Application Software
  275. Unit of measurement of the output quality of a printer? – Dot per sq. inch
  276. Switching device of fifth generation computer is ____________? – VLSI
  277. The unit KIPS is used to measure the speed of ____________? – Processor
  278. DOS stands for ____________? – Disk Operating System
  279. What is a joy stick primarily in computers used for? – Computer Gaming
  280. Which American computer company is called Big Blue – IBM
  281. How many bits are there in a byte – 8
  282. Father of ‘C’ programming language – Dennis Ritchie
  283. How many generations of computers we have – 5
  284. IBM stands for – International Business Machines
  285. Which is the fastest type of computer – Super Computer
  286. When your turn on the computer, the boot routine will perform this test – Power on self test
  287. Who is called the father of computer – Charles Babbage
  288. Who is the creator of PASCAL – Niklaus writh
  289. Which language is used for artificial intelligence – PROLOG
  290. Who is also known as father of jQuery – John Resig
  291. Which type of computers use the 8-bit code called EBCDIC – Mainframe Computers
  292. In a computer, most processing takes place in ____________? – CPU
  293. In which type of computer, data are represented as discrete signals? – Digital Computer
  294. Scientific Name of Computer? – Sillico sapiens
  295. What is the name of the display feature that highlights are of the screen which requires operator attention? – Reverse Video
  296. Computers, combine both measuring and counting, are called ____________? – Hybrid Computer
  297. What is FORTRAN? – Formula Translation
  298. What translates and executes program at run time line by line? – Interpreter
  299. What converts an entire program into machine language ? – Compiler
  300. Who is the father of personal computer? – Edward Robert
  301. EEPROM stands for ____________? – Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  302. Who developed the first electronic computer? – J.V. Atansoff
  303. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages? – Assembly Language
  304. The first web browser is ____________? – Mosaic
  305. First page of Website is termed as ____________? – Homepage
  306. Digital computers are classified in four categories. What are they? – Microcomputers, Mini computers, Mainframe computers and Super computers.
  307. In the case of Microcomputers speed of CPU is? – 1-10 MIPS
  308. CPU consists of – Arithmetic and Logical Unit, Register and Control Unit
  309. What are used to identify a user who returns to a website – Cookies
  310. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are example of – Internet browser programs
  311. In computer science, data hazard occurs when – pipeline changes the order of read/write access to operands
  312. Money transfer through mobile is called – IMPS
  313. Cache memory works on the principal of – Locality of reference
  314. Which device is used in network layer – Router
  315. Who invented the computer mouse – Douglas Engelbart
  316. USB is what type of storage device – Secondary
  317. All forms of ROM are also known as – Firmware
  318. The Simplest CPU scheduling algorithm is – FCFS scheduling algorithm
  319. The telephone line is connected through the one the computer – Modern
  320. In a computer system, which device is functionally opposite of a key board – Printer
  321. The process of writing on an optical disc is called – Burning
  322. The second most used language on the world wide web is – Chinese
  323. Which method of heat transfer – convection
  324. Direct access of file is also known as – random access
  325. What is required to boost a computer – Operating system
  326. What manages the computer resources – Programs
  327. Related to computers, what is ‘Wetware’ – Human Brain
  328. What uses the spawn mechanism to duplicate itself – worm
  329. Where is India’s super computer ‘PARAM’ located – Pune
  330. A translator for the assembly languages to machine language is – assembler
  331. The alignment of beginning and the end of lines is referred to as – Justification
  332. Synonyms of Internet is – Cyber Space
  333. Icons are – picture commands
  334. A bug in a program is an – error
  335. Where does a computer add, compare and shuffle data – CPU chip
  336. WINDOWS-98 is basically – on operating system
  337. The information in ‘EEPROM’ is erased by using – Electrical Signals
  338. The technology used in the electronic printer is called – Microtechnology
  339. What is used to identify whether a data word has an odd or even number of 1’s – Parity bit
  340. A computer executes programs in the sequence of – Fetch, Decode, Execute
  341. A Floppy Disc can store – 1.44 MB
  342. The rate at which scanning is repeated in a CRT is called – refresh rate
  343. The waste generated by end life personal computers is known as – E-Waste
  344. Which one is an optical disk – Super Disk
  345. The database in which records are organized in a tree-like structure is – Heirarchical Database
  346. In any spreadsheet, the address of the first cell is – AI
  347. What is the process of defining tables called – Data definition
  348. Small and cheap computers built into several home appliances are of which type – Micro computers
  349. What is the process of defining tables called – Index definition
  350. Which is an Impact printer – Daisy wheel printer
  351. Different computer are connected to a LAN by a cable and a – Interface card
  352. The monitor of a computer is – an output device
  353. The time between program input and output is called – Execution time
  354. Speed of processor chip is measured in – MHz
  355. ENIAC was – an electronic computer
  356. A place through which, data can enter or leave a computer is called – Port
  357. A parallel port is most often used by a – Printer
  358. Where was India’s first computer installed – Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta
  359. What helps in remote login – Telnet
  360. Double is a – Primitive data type
  361. Most of the computer available today are – 4th generation computers
  362. A portable, personal computer small enough to fit on your lap is called a – Notebook computer
  363. A computer programming language often used by children is – LOGO
  364. The computer memory holds data – Program
  365. Virus in a computer is a – Program that damages the computer software
  366. Alta Vista is a – Search Engine
  367. Where are programs and data to be used by the computer available – Storage
  368. The most advanced form of Read Only Memory is – EEPROM
  369. The indentations on CDs and DVDs are called – Pits
  370. CPU performance is often Measured in – GHz
  371. An alternate name for the completely interconnected network topology is – Mesh
  372. There are how many function keys present on a keyboard – 12
  373. Who is considered as the developer of ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’ – Tim Berners Lee
  374. What is the full form of COBOL – Common Business Oriented Languages
  375. Which generation computers used SNOBOL Language – Third generation
  376. Which device is used to extend the network without reducing signal strength – Repeater
  377. Which storage device can store maximum data – Magnetic tape
  378. Which language is used to access data from a database – SQL
  379. Which company developed “Swift” programming language – Apple
  380. The integrated circuits used in a computer are made up of – Silicon
  381. CPU scheduler is also known as – Short Term Scheduler
  382. Web pages are created by using which of – HTML
  383. Who invented Java Script the Programming Language – Brenden Eich
  384. Which one is used as secondary storage system in computer – Floppy
  385. The UNIX Operating system is suitable for – Multi user
  386. What is file extension of Window Installer Package – .msi
  387. Which among following is associated with monitor – CRT
  388. Assembler work in – two phases
  389. Range of colors depends on – Number of bits associated with each pixel
  390. In which condition resource is not removed from a process holding – Non preemption
  391. The operation is specified by a binary code known as the – Opcode
  392. Laser printer is a type of – Non impact printing
  393. One way to convert from decimal to hexadecimal is the – Hex dabble method
  394. Output devices are commonly referred as – Terminals
  395. A stack in a digital computer is a part of the – Memory Unit
  396. How do you switch between programs – Alt + tab
  397. What is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol? – Alt + ctrl + C
  398. Unwanted and unsolicited e- mails are called – Spam
  399. The two major types of computer chips are – Microprocessor chip
  400. DSL is an example of a ____________ connection. – Broadband
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