58 Most Common Github Interview Questions

Github Interview Questions Techhyme

GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. From manufacturing to logistics to human resources management, software always plays a key role in running any business of any size and scale.

GitHub provides a way to tie these different systems together. GitHub, if used correctly, can be a huge incubator for any project.

Github is the first love of any developer. It is an online platform where developers can contribute from anywhere around the world. You can easily upload your code to this platform which automatically maintains all the versions of your code.

It also enables developers to modify, adapt and enhance or improve software functionalities from its free of cost public repositories. However, its private repositories are chargeable.

Below is the list of most common Github questions to be asked in an interview:

  1. What is git?
  2. What is the difference between git and github?
  3. What is the abbreviation of VCS?
  4. What is the abbreviation of SCM?
  5. Write down 5 SCM names?
  6. What is Branch?
  7. What is tag?
  8. What is the difference between Branch and Tag?
  9. When we will create the branch and when we will the create tag?
  10. What is “git add” command will do?
  11. What is the command to revert the code from staging area to working area?
  12. What is the git revert command?
  13. What is the difference between fetch and pull in Git?
  14. How to see how many branches are currently available in git repo?
  15. What is the command to create the branch?
  16. How to switch from branch to another branch?
  17. How to create branch and how to switch to that branch in one command?
  18. What is the command to delete the branch in local repo?
  19. What is the command to delete branch in remote repo?
  20. What is the branching strategy you are following?
  21. What is git stash command?
  22. What is git cherry-pick ?
  23. What does git rebase?
  24. What is PAT?
  25. What is SSH key and how to generate ssh-key?
  26. What is the default path for ssh keys?
  27. How many file will generate if you create ssh keys and what are the file names?
  28. What is the difference between git & GitHub?
  29. What are the git best practices while committing the code need to follow?
  30. How to change git commit message after push (given that no one pulled from remote)?
  31. How to rename the branch name?
  32. What is the command to get the code from remote git repo?
  33. How to check the particular branch from github?
  34. What is the command to see all git messages in local repo?
  35. How to create the repository in git?
  36. How to check if a branch is already merged with any branch or not?
  37. What is SubGit?
  38. In Which language Git is developed?
  39. What is the difference between git merge and git rebase?
  40. What is the difference between git reset and git revert?
  41. What is the git workflow?
  42. How you will migrate the projects from SVN to GitHub?
  43. What is merge conflicts? Have you resolved the merge conflicts?
  44. How to see how many files are committed in one particular commit id?
  45. What is git hooks? Can you name some git hooks?
  46. What is .gitignore file?
  47. What is git bare and git nonbare repository, use cases?
  48. What is the git command to create the achieve files?
  49. What is git prune, Mirroring and git repack commands?
  50. What are the git objects?
  51. How to create a git project?
  52. What is git HEAD?
  53. What is difference between git fetch and pull and clone?
  54. What is difference between git merge and rebase?
  55. How to roll back committed code?
  56. How to check the last few commits?
  57. How to merge branches in remote repository?
  58. What is staging area in git?

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