PHP Data Types Techhyme

Explore Various Data Types in PHP

Data types in PHP play a pivotal role in defining the nature of variables and the kind of data they can store. Unlike strictly-typed languages, PHP is loosely typed, meaning that variable types…

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DDL Commands SQL Techhyme

Six Major DDL Commands in SQL – A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of Structured Query Language (SQL), Data Definition Language (DDL) commands play a crucial role in defining and managing the structure of a database. In this article, we’ll explore the usage…

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Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your PHP Developer Experience

PHP, once perceived as a scripting language for simple tasks, has evolved into a robust ecosystem with frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and CakePHP. While these frameworks have significantly improved the developer experience, there…

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Google Fonts

Installing Google Fonts as npm packages with Fontsource

Google Fonts has long been a favorite resource for web developers seeking an extensive collection of free fonts for their projects. Typically, developers would integrate these fonts into their websites using the `<link>`…

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R Language

R Language – A Comprehensive Guide

R Language is a versatile and powerful programming language that serves various purposes, including statistical analysis, data visualization, data manipulation, predictive modeling, and forecast analysis. Widely adopted by prominent companies such as Google,…

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SQL Injection Parameters Techhyme

Top 25 SQL Injection Parameters For Bug Bounty Hunters

SQL injection is a pervasive and potentially devastating form of cyber attack, where malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities in a web application’s code to execute arbitrary SQL code. This unauthorized access allows attackers to…

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Azure Security Tools

Top 5 Best Azure Security Assessment Tools

As businesses increasingly migrate their operations to the cloud, ensuring robust security measures within cloud environments becomes paramount. Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud service providers, offers a variety of security assessment…

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Cyber Kill Chain

Understanding the Cyber Kill Chain – 7 Phases of Cyber Attacks

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, it has become crucial for organizations and individuals alike to understand the tactics employed by cyber adversaries. The Cyber Kill Chain is a conceptual framework developed by…

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Bug Bounty Tools Techhyme

45 Open Source Bug Bounty Tools

Bug bounty programs have become an integral part of the cybersecurity landscape, providing organizations with a proactive approach to identify and rectify vulnerabilities in their systems. The success of these programs relies heavily…

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Cookie Settings

Securing Your Web Application – A Comprehensive Cookie Settings Checklist

Cookies play a crucial role in web applications, facilitating user sessions and personalizing user experiences. However, when not properly configured, cookies can become security vulnerabilities, exposing sensitive information and paving the way for…

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SQL Injection

SQL Injection Testing Checklist – A Comprehensive Guide

SQL injection (SQLi) is a prevalent security vulnerability that can have severe consequences if exploited by attackers. Testing for SQL injection vulnerabilities is crucial to identifying and mitigating potential risks to web applications….

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization – A Comprehensive Guide

Data visualization is a powerful tool that transforms complex datasets into comprehensible visuals, aiding in the discovery of patterns, trends, and insights. Mastering the art of data visualization involves understanding key principles, techniques,…

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Coding Interviews Techhyme

Mastering Coding Interviews – A Step By Step Guide

Coding and algorithm questions in interviews can be daunting, but with a strategic approach, you can navigate them successfully and showcase your problem-solving skills effectively. The key is not just in providing the…

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