FBI Seizes BreachForums – A Crackdown on Cybercrime

BreachForums Seized FBI

The notorious BreachForums platform, a hub for peddling stolen data, has once again fallen into the hands of law enforcement agencies. This time, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken control, replacing the website with a seizure banner that leaves no doubt about its new custodianship.

The operation to seize BreachForums involved a joint effort by authorities from Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Switzerland, the U.K., the U.S., and Ukraine. Their coordinated action underscores the global nature of cybercrime.

The FBI also gained control of the Telegram channel operated by Baphomet, who took over as forum administrator after the arrest of his predecessor, Conor Brian Fitzpatrick (aka pompompurin), in March of the previous year.

Telegram FBI

Notably, this isn’t the first time BreachForums has faced law enforcement intervention. A previous version, hosted at breached.vc/.to/.co and managed by pompompurin, was seized in late June 2023.

The FBI’s message on the Telegram channel emphasizes their commitment to tackling cybercrime. Users are encouraged to report any relevant information about criminal activity on BreachForums via t.me/fbi_breachforums, breachforums@fbi.gov, or breachforums.ic3.gov.

While the seizure banner shows profile pictures of Baphomet and fellow administrator ShinyHunters behind bars, it remains unclear whether they have been arrested.

From June 2023 until May 2024, BreachForums (hosted at breachforums.st/.cx/.is/.vc and run by ShinyHunters) operated as a clearnet marketplace for cybercriminals. It facilitated the trade of contraband, including stolen access devices, identification means, hacking tools, breached databases, and other illicit services.

The takedown of BreachForums serves as a powerful reminder that law enforcement agencies worldwide are actively combating cyber threats, even in the hidden corners of the internet. As the battle against cybercrime continues, vigilance and cooperation remain essential in safeguarding our digital landscape.

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