Fill in the Blanks and True/False Related to Computer and Internet

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Using your computer and a reliable Internet connection can be the best combination for an ideal business opportunity. You don’t need raise too much capital for your business venture.

With just a reliable Internet connection and computer system, you will be able to start your business right away.

Advances in computer technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it affords us quick and easy access to numerous conveniences such as bank statements, favorite shopping centers, school and health records, and more.

On the other hand, it can also grant the same access to those who aren’t supposed to get it. Although it’s a rare occurrence, hacking has become the biggest criminal nuisance in computer history.

The internet has been the source of free and valuable information that interests a wide variety of people. Almost everyone is now connected to the internet. Some would access the internet in the privacy of their own homes, or in internet cafes around. Internet connectivity increases every year.

Fill in the Blanks:

  1. Between PCs and Macs, the ___________ is the platform of choice for graphic design and animation.
  2. The ____________ is the program that manages the hardware of the computer system, including the CPU, memory, storage devices, and input/output devices.
  3. The type of operating system software you use depends on your computers _____________
  4. _____________ software helps you carry out tasks, such as typing a document or creating a spreadsheet.
  5. ______ are the fastest and most expensive computers.
  6. A ___________ is approximately 1,000 bytes.
  7. Input devices are used to provide the steps and tasks the computer needs to process data, and these steps and tasks are called ______________.
  8. A computer gathers data, processes it, outputs the data or information, and _______ the data or  information.
  9. The binary language consists of two digits: ______________ and ____________.
  10. A string of ____________ 0s and 1s is called a byte.
  11. The devices you use to enter data into a computer system are known as ____ devices.
  12. The devices on a computer system that let you see the processed information are known as ___ devices.
  13. __________ is the set of computer instructions or programs that enables the hardware to perform  different tasks.
  14. When you connect to the ____________, your computer is communicating with a server at your Internet service provider (ISP)
  15. ___________ are computers that excel at executing many different computer programs at the same time.
  16. ___________ is the application of computer system and techniques to gather legal evidence.
  17. ______ is the science that attempts to create machines that will emulate the human thought process.
  18. Macintosh computers use he Macintosh operating system (Mac OS), whereas PCs generally run ________ as an operating system.
  19. A process known as ____________ tracks trends and allows retailers to respond to consumer buying patterns
  20. Hard disk drives and CD drives are examples of _______________ devices.
  21. You would use____________ software to create spreadsheets, type documents, and edit photos.
  22. ________ are computers that support hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously.
  23. __________ is the term given to the act of stealing someones identity and ruining their credit rating.
  24. Surgeons are using _______ to guide robots to perform delicate surgery.
  25. Patient _____ are life-sized mannequins that have a pulse and a heartbeat and respond to procedures just like humans.


  1. Mac
  2. Operating System
  3. Platform
  4. Application
  5. Supercomputers
  6. Kilobyte
  7. Instructions
  8. Stores
  9. 0 and 1
  10. Eight (8)
  11. Input
  12. Output
  13. Software
  14. Internet
  15. Mainframes
  16. Computer forensics
  17. Artificial Intelligence
  18. Microsoft Windows
  19. Data Mining
  20. Storage
  21. Application
  22. Mainframes
  23. Identity Theft
  24. Computers
  25. Simulators

True / False:

  1. Currently, the performance of tasks by robots is based on preprogrammed algorithms.
  2. Data can be number a word, a picture, or a sound.
  3. Strictly defined, a computer is a data processing device.
  4. The discrepancy between the haves and have-nots with regard to computer technology is commonly referred to as the digital society.
  5. One of the benefits of becoming computer fluent is being a savvy computer user and consumer and knowing how to avoid viruses, the programs that pose threats to computer security.
  6. Trend-sporting programs, developed for business, have been used to predict criminal activity.
  7. Employers do not have the right to monitor e-mail and network traffic on employee systems used at work
  8. Clicking on an icon with the mouse is a form of giving an instruction to the computer.
  9. Output devices store instructions or data that the CPU processes
  10. The CPU and memory are located on a special circuit board in the system unit called the motherboard.
  11. Nanostructures represent the smallest human-made structures that can be built.
  12. The main difference between a supercomputer and a mainframe is that supercomputers are designed to execute a few programs as quickly as possible, whereas mainframes are designed to handle many programs running at the same time (but at a slower pace).
  13. Being computer fluent means that you should be able to build a computer yourself.
  14. Embedded computers are self-contained computer devices that have their own programming and do not receive input.
  15. A web browser is a special device that is installed in your computer that allows it to communicate with other devices on a network.
  16. With a wireless network, it is easier to relocate device.
  17. The most common type of memory that the computer uses to process data is ROM.


  1. True
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False (Digital Divide)
  5. True
  6. True
  7. False
  8. True
  9. False (Memory)
  10. True
  11. True
  12. True
  13. False
  14. True
  15. False (Network Adapter)
  16. True
  17. False (RAM)

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