Install Firefox ESR in Ubuntu using APT & SNAP Installer

Install Firefox ESR Ubuntu Techhyme

Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) is a version of the Firefox web browser that is designed for use by organizations and is supported with security updates for a longer period of time than the regular version of Firefox.

ESR versions are released every year and receive security updates for approximately one year. These updates include important security fixes, as well as stability and performance improvements. Firefox ESR is intended for use in environments where it is not practical to upgrade to a new version of the browser every six weeks, such as in schools, universities, and businesses. The ESR version of Firefox is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Method 1: Install Firefox-ESR using PPA

Open your terminal and use the given command to add PPA for Firefox-ESR:

Command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/ppa

Firefox ESR Install Ubuntu Techhyme

Once done, you will have to update the repository index in Ubuntu to take effect from the changes:

Command: apt update

Firefox ESR Install Ubuntu Techhyme

And now, you can install Firefox-ESR by using the following command:

Command: apt install firefox-esr

Firefox ESR Install Ubuntu Techhyme

To check the installed version of Firefox-ESR, the command is:

Command: firefox-esr -v

Firefox ESR Install Ubuntu Techhyme

Or you can check the version in Settings-> About Mozilla Firefox as shown below:

Firefox ESR Install Ubuntu Techhyme

In case, if you want to remove the Firefox-ESR, then the command is:

Command: apt remove firefox-esr

Method 2: Install Firefox-ESR using Snap

Snaps comes pre-configured on Ubuntu and you can easily install Firefox-ESR by using Snap installer.

Command: snap install firefox –channel=esr/stable

Firefox ESR Install Ubuntu Techhyme

To remove Firefox-ESR (snap package), use the snap remove command:

Command: snap remove firefox

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