Is A Personal Website Important For My Brand?

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The number of independent contractors, consultants, solopreneurs, and other professionals is growing, and they all require a personal website. Platform, or your website, is the third stage in Kaitlin Zhang’s “5 Steps To Build Your Personal Brand Online” guide. The key is developing your brand. No matter what industry you’re in, working with people means that you need to create a strong and distinctive brand identity for your company.

Unfortunately, Personal branding is a factor that many companies seem to ignore. Most of our efforts are concentrated on lead creation, conversion, and high search engine rankings. Online success depends on a variety of factors, but personal branding is just as crucial. You master the skill of being personal if you want your audience to believe in you.

If you’re unsure of the benefits a personal website can have for your brand, allow me to list them:

1. Make a good first impression, by introducing yourself on your website.

The stuff that your audience views and reads about you determine the online presence that you built. Your website provides you with a platform to “represent yourself professionally”. Make use of your website to communicate and promote your passions, hobbies, and the best elements of your brand.

2. Improve your Google ranking and build trust.

The personal website should ideally have your name as the URL: to increase its google ranking and make it more likely to be the first result someone views. This will raise your name’s ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. A website with a high ranking builds authority and can attract organic visitors to your website.

The significance of your personal brand online is best summed up by a quote from an American author, Businessmen, and public speaker Tim Ferris: Personal Branding is about managing your identity– even if you don’t own a business — in a world of deception, disinformation, and semi-permanent Google records. Having a date? Your “blind” date has probably Googled your name. Attending a job interview? Ditto.” 

3. Take charge of your own story.

Simply said, create your own content and share your narrative. As a result, you will have control over how your narrative is told, giving you the material that is appropriate for the brand you are developing. Anyone looking for you online would find your website.

Therefore, make use of the chance to introduce yourself and tell your tale. For your fans to see that you are active in your specialised field, I also strongly advise maintaining a blog on your website where you can post your ideas, news and updates. Blogging also gives you the chance to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. 

4. Imagine having a person who promotes your brand around the clock.

Consider your website as your best friend who introduces you to the other people at a party while you aren’t there. They don’t hesitate to talk about your background, accomplishments and personality with others. The website interacts with the visitors and promotes your brand.

Your website can be used for marketing initiatives as well. You can gather email addresses and use email marketing to advertise yourself in the future. Consider having a salesperson who works for your and promotes your brand 24/7. While you sleep, opportunities will come to you.

5. Make use of eCommerce features to conduct business

In particular, if you are a freelancer or solopreneur. Possessing a website will enable you to share information with potential customers. Create a personal website that highlights your best work and add eye-catching images and videos to make it pop. 

According to research by Workfolio, all recruiters are more intrigued by the personal website of a candidate than any other tool of personal branding,” according to a Forbes article (Smith 2017). If you operate as a freelancer, having a portfolio of your greatest work will help you land jobs.

You can turn on the built-in eCommerce features of your website. This will bring in more companies. Customers can make purchases or schedule appointments directly from your website. Someone might book you through the system if you were a speaker. If you were a writer, you could use your website to directly sell your book.

6. Engage your employers by taking initiative.

Having your website will demonstrate initiative to your employers if you are hired. It shows that you are coming up with your strategy for enhancing yourself and providing a stage on which to highlight your advantages. Just make sure you are familiar with the publicity guidelines of your company. There are a handful of folks I have met who work in fields where this is not appropriate (e.g. Police Officers). But having a website would be quite advantageous for most people.

7. Your entire contact information is displayed prominently.

Imagine that a prior client recommended you, but your prospective client is unable to research you online. Your contact information including all your social media profiles will be available to readers and potential customers. You can anticipate constant new lead inflow if your website is configured correctly. Because they have previously interacted with your brand, visited your website, and made the decision to contact you, these leads are quite valuable.

8. All of the press coverage, accomplishments, and recommendations in one location

Your website should provide the most recent details on who you are and what you are doing. Incorporate essential information about you as much as possible on your website. Do you receive media attention? Do you have any accolades or professional accolades? Consider gathering some testimonials from clients or coworkers. Everything should be gathered in one location, and your website is the ideal location for this.

Are you prepared to launch your own personal website?

Having a mobile-friendly website and making sure someone can understand your identity and what your site is about within one second of viewing your home page are two crucial considerations.

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