MilesWeb Review 2022: #1 VPS Hosting Provider

MilesWeb Review 2022 #1 VPS Hosting Provider(1)

Are you experiencing slow website performance? Have you got stuck with this question? A slow website often becomes sluggish and visitors do not stay on it for more time.

The performance of your website depends on the web hosting provider you choose. Basically, an uptime guarantee and SSD storage drives enhance the performance of your website.

But do you know the hosting service you choose also has an impact on your website? See, if you are on a shared server and suddenly the traffic on your website increases, it will slow down your website. Nonetheless, in this case, if you are on a feature-rich VPS hosting server, you will get better performance, speed and it will deliver a smooth hosting experience to visitors.

VPS hosting lies in between shared and dedicated server with stable infrastructure. It gives you dedicated hosting features at the best price points.

Know About VPS Hosting

A virtual private server or VPS hosting is basically a virtually isolated environment. It is formed after splitting the physical server into numerous virtual private servers, with every server getting its own share of dedicated resources like RAM, CPU, memory, bandwidth.

Every VPS server is isolated from other servers and functions like a regular server. Also, VPS hosting is a cheap alternative to having a dedicated server.

So, after knowing briefly about VPS hosting, do you want to know which is the best managed Linux VPS hosting provider?

This article is for you! I would recommend one of the #1 VPS hosting providers in the industry, MilesWeb. With all the fully managed VPS hosting plans, they offer all the best-in-class features to make your website run smoothly and at the best speed.

Let’s get started without further ado!

Managed VPS Hosting

When you opt for managed VPS hosting, get complete server management and 24×7 technical support from the web hosting provider.

If you are looking for a reliable and super-fast hosting solution to boost your online presence and functions, you can go with managed VPS hosting. It allows you to do the best for your business, as the web hosting provider will take care of the rest of the server related tasks.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Plans Include Below Features

VPS Hosting in India

It is vital to consider the data center location for your VPS server. MilesWeb offers the best Linux VPS hosting service in an Indian data center location. This data center is ideal for an Indian target audience. MilesWeb has a Tier-4 data center that delivers high-speed and performance to your website.

Intel Xeon Processors

In the VPS servers’ nodes MilesWeb makes use of Intel Xeon processors. The Intel Xeon processors are high-powered processors with the newest generation of Intel CPU processors. Your virtual private server will not go down with a VPS server and deliver a top-notch performance.

Full Root Access

Even if MilesWeb offers managed VPS hosting, at times, you might want to customize the server in the way you want. You have complete control over the virtual private server with VPS hosting. Also, you can access and transfer your files on your virtual private server.

SSD Storage Drives                                            

When you opt for MilesWeb VPS hosting, all your websites are on powerful SSD storage drives. SSD technology is used on all servers to ensure you get the best VPS hosting experience. The SSD servers are best for handling heavy resource websites/applications.

KVM Virtualization Technology

MilesWeb makes use of KVM virtualization technology in its Linux VPS servers. Resources are allotted that no single user can utilize more than their allocated resources. KVM restricts resource overselling that also eliminates the problem of no noisy neighbors.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Pricing

Here we come to the last section of MilesWeb VPS hosting, pricing. The thing we look for before choosing a web host is the pricing.

MilesWeb is a web host that offers affordable VPS hosting plans compared to other web hosts in the industry. They have got 10 fully managed Linux VPS hosting plans for you.

You can select the one as per your requirements and pricing. Their first plan of VPS hosting will cost you Rs.630 per month. And then to tell you about the high-tier plan. It costs Rs. 32,640 per month on the subscription of one year.

Many of us might be thinking if their prices are low, they might be saving on server resources. But that’s not true!

MilesWeb offers adequate resources that your website/application requires. With plan V1, you get the below resources:

  • 2vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD Disk
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Free Control Panel

And if you check out the resources you get with the top-tier plan, V10, you get:

  • 40 vCPU
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD Disk
  • 3000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Free Control Panel

Also, with all the VPS hosting plans, you get a Webuzo control panel with unlimited domains.


MilesWeb offers the best fully managed VPS hosting in India. With all the VPS hosting plans, you get 24×7 expert customer support, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, full root access and enterprise-grade hardware powered by KVM technology.

Get started with MilesWeb VPS hosting plans and get a 25% off!

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