The 15 Point Checklist For Securing the Web Servers

Web Server Security Techhyme Checklist
Web Server is a program that serves Web pages to Web browsers using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Some of the Web Server software contain middle-tier software that act as an application server. This enables users to perform high-level... Read more

Hacking Web Applications and its Countermeasures

Hacking web applications countermeasures Techhyme
The following are some of the main vulnerabilities that websites and web applications have: Directory Traversal Attack A directory can be described as a folder that a web designer uses to store the website’s files. A directory traversal attack is... Read more

List of Common Web Application Threats

vulnerabilities techhyme
You can find lists of web application threats all over the Internet. Some of the lists are quite complete and don’t necessarily have a bias, some address what the author feels are the most important threats, some lists tell you... Read more

Possible Sensitive Files – Vulnerability Scanning Checklist

possible sensitive files tech hyme
Vulnerability Assessment is the process of evaluating the efficiency of the security controls of a system by measuring its security level. The scope of the process is to uncover all potential vulnerabilities through automated or human driven security tests. The... Read more