Top 10 Python Interview Questions With Answers

Python Interview Questions Answers Techhyme Top 10

Below, you can find a selection of ten of the most important general Python interview questions you should ask candidates, as well as details on the answers you can expect.

1. Is Python a programming language?

Ask your candidates this question to learn whether they are familiar with the basics of Python. The answers you receive in response should outline that even though scripting can be done in Python, it is thought of as a programming language.

2. Could you tell me what are the main features of Python?

One of the key features that candidates might mention in their responses is that Python is an interpreted language. They may explain that it’s different from C++, which requires the user to compile it before a run.

There are a few other crucial Python features candidates might mention, such as that there is no requirement to specify particular variables, since Python is classed as a dynamically typed language. Candidates might also mention that functions, which are first-class objects in Python, enable the user to assign them a variable.

3. Explain what are modules in Python Since modules are critical in Python and are used frequently, ask this question to learn whether your candidates understand what they are and why they are essential.

In response to this, your candidates might mention that modules in Python are best described as files. These files hold code, which, in Python, can take the form of a class or a variable.

4. How would you explain the difference between tuples and lists in Python?

This basic interview question can help you gauge a junior engineer’s technical understanding of Python. A candidate might mention that you can edit lists since they are mutable, contrary to tuples, which are immutable and therefore cannot be edited. Another comparison that candidates might make is that a list isn’t as fast as a tuple and the syntax of the two is different.

5. Which approach would you use to get rid of white spaces from Python strings?

This question is frequently asked in Python technical interviews to help interviewers understand their candidates’ technical understanding of Python functions. Good answers will mention that the Python String strip() function can get rid of white spaces from Python strings.

Candidates might go a step further and mention that lstrip() or rstrip() can be used to get rid of leading or trailing white spaces.

6. Explain what PEP means.

Candidates’ answers to this question will show you whether they’re familiar with good coding practices. In response, candidates might outline that PEP means Python enhancement proposal and then explain that PEP comprises several rules or stipulations that help engineers code efficiently.

PEP rules that are contained in a design document also ensure that the code that programmers write is formatted the right way.

7. Explain what Python is.

Candidates should definitely be able to concisely explain what Python is, or also compare it to other programming languages. The best answers will mention that Python is a high-level programming language. Candidates might specify that the data structures in Python are high-level, as well. They will also explain that Python is used to build software or websites but can also be used for data analysis and task automation.

8. Could you outline what Python’s main uses are?

There are many uses of Python that your candidates must be aware of. For instance, Python is used for creating software and websites, but also in machine learning projects. Candidates might mention that Python is also used for artificial intelligence, data analytics, data visualization, and programming projects, as well as game development.

Experienced applicants might mention that Python can also be used for search engine optimization and design and that even the finance world uses Python.

9. What are the hard skills that are required to use Python efficiently?

Candidates’ responses to this will give you a clearer perspective on whether they understand which are the required skills for Python and how to improve their abilities. They might mention that algorithm knowledge and analytical skills are essential, and also point out that a solid knowledge of arrays, object relational mapping and front-end technologies is critical.

Candidates might also add that data structure knowledge and skills are essential, as is an understanding of objects.

10. What are the soft skills that are required to use Python efficiently?

Soft skills are also essential when using Python and can help candidates use it more efficiently. Candidates might mention that communication skills and time management skills are crucial when completing projects in Python.

If working in a team, empathy is also essential, and it’s also crucial that candidates recognize the importance of staying organized.

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