Top 12 Essential Meterpreter Commands for Ethical Hackers

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Meterpreter, a powerful post-exploitation tool within the Metasploit framework, is a favorite among ethical hackers and penetration testers for its extensive capabilities. Once a system is compromised, Meterpreter provides a versatile and interactive shell, allowing the attacker to perform a wide range of actions on the compromised host.

In this article, we will explore some of the most useful Meterpreter commands and their applications.

1. keyscan_start

The “keyscan_start” command initiates the capture of keystrokes entered by a user on the compromised host. This is particularly valuable for capturing sensitive information, such as passwords and login credentials, as they are typed in by the user.

2. keyscan_stop

As the name suggests, “keyscan_stop” halts the keystroke capture started with “keyscan_start.” This prevents further logging of the user’s input once the necessary information has been obtained.

3. keyscan_dump

With “keyscan_dump,” the captured keystrokes are exported into a file, providing the attacker with a record of the user’s input for analysis and potential exploitation.

4. screenshot

The “screenshot” command allows Meterpreter to take a screenshot of the compromised host’s desktop. This can be useful for gathering information about the user’s activities or obtaining potential credentials displayed on the screen.

5. screenshare

The “screenshare” command goes beyond capturing a single screenshot. It initiates a real-time stream, enabling the attacker to observe the live actions performed by the user on the compromised host. This offers valuable insights into the user’s behavior and activities.

6. record_mic

By activating the microphone on the compromised host, “record_mic” allows the attacker to record audio, potentially capturing sensitive conversations or information.

7. webcam_list

The “webcam_list” command displays a list of available webcams on the compromised host, revealing potential opportunities for video surveillance.

8. webcam_snap

“webcam_snap” triggers the webcam on the compromised host to take a picture, providing visual information about the surroundings or any potential users.

9. webcam_stream

Similar to “screenshare,” “webcam_stream” enables a real-time live stream from the webcam on the compromised system, allowing the attacker to observe the environment.

10. search

The “search” command is useful for quickly locating a specific file on the compromised system. By specifying the filename with the “-f” option, the attacker can swiftly identify the target file.

11. pwd

“Pwd” displays the present working directory when using a Meterpreter shell on the compromised host, providing essential contextual information for navigating the file system.

12. cd

The “cd” command enables the attacker to change the working directory within the Meterpreter session. This facilitates easy traversal of the compromised host’s file system.


Meterpreter is a powerful tool that provides ethical hackers and penetration testers with extensive control over a compromised system. The commands mentioned above are just a few examples of the capabilities offered by Meterpreter within the Metasploit framework. It is important to note that the use of Meterpreter and other hacking tools should always be within the boundaries of ethical hacking and penetration testing, with proper authorization and consent.

By mastering these commands and understanding their applications, ethical hackers can effectively assess the security of systems, identify vulnerabilities, and assist organizations in strengthening their defenses against real-world threats. Responsible and ethical use of Meterpreter empowers cybersecurity professionals to stay ahead in the constant battle against cyber threats and protect critical digital assets from malicious actors.

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