Top 5 Sound Processing Tools Recommended by AIToolMall


The world of audio production has come a long way from the traditional ways of recording and editing sound. With advancements in technology, sound engineers, podcasters, and music producers have access to various sound processing tools that make their work easier and more efficient. AIToolMall, an online marketplace for AI-based tools, has curated a list of the top five sound processing tools that are highly recommended for anyone who works with audio.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these tools are essential to achieving high-quality audio production. In this article, we will explore these five recommended sound processing tools and how they can help improve your audio production.

iZotope RX 8 Standard

iZotope RX 8 Standard is a powerful tool that can help you remove unwanted noise, hum, and clicks from your recordings. With its spectral editing capabilities, RX 8 allows you to isolate specific sounds and remove them without affecting the rest of the audio. It also has a range of features for repairing clipped audio, reducing reverb, and eliminating background noise. The AI-powered machine learning algorithms in iZotope RX 8 Standard make it an ideal tool for anyone looking to enhance the quality of their audio recordings.

Waves SSL E-Channel

The Waves SSL E-Channel is a plugin that emulates the classic SSL E Series console. It is a versatile tool that offers EQ, compression, gating, and expansion capabilities, all in one plugin. The SSL E-Channel is widely used in professional studios and is known for its ability to add warmth and character to digital recordings. The plugin also features a Drive control that adds harmonic distortion to your audio, giving it a more analog feel. Whether you are mixing music or editing podcasts, the Waves SSL E-Channel is a must-have tool for any sound engineer.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 Pro

Guitar Rig 6 Pro is a comprehensive software that allows you to simulate the sounds of different guitar amplifiers, effects pedals, and cabinets. It is a valuable tool for guitarists, producers, and sound designers who want to create authentic guitar sounds without the need for physical equipment. Guitar Rig 6 Pro features a range of classic and modern amp models, as well as a wide variety of effects pedals and cabinets. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls, this software is an essential tool for anyone looking to add guitar sounds to their productions.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is a versatile equalizer plugin that offers a range of features for shaping the frequency response of your audio. It features up to 24 bands of EQ, dynamic EQ capabilities, and a range of filter types. The plugin also has a built-in spectrum analyzer that allows you to visualize the changes you are making to your audio. FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is a popular choice for mastering engineers, but it is also useful for mixing and editing podcasts.


Audacity is a free, open-source audio editing software that offers a range of basic features and tools for audio processing. Audacity’s user interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Despite its simplicity, Audacity still offers various basic processing tools, including equalization, compression, and noise reduction.

AIToolMall recommends Audacity for creators who are just starting with audio editing and processing and want a free software that offers basic features.


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