8 NPM Packages Every JavaScript Beginner Should Explore in 2024

Are you ready to level up your JavaScript skills in 2024?

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your toolkit, diving into the world of NPM packages is a great way to enhance your coding capabilities. These packages are like little gems that can simplify complex tasks, streamline your workflow, and help you build awesome projects.

Let’s explore eight must-have NPM packages that every JavaScript beginner should check out this year.

1. Express.js

Kicking off our list is Express.js, a powerful framework for building web applications in Node.js. Express.js is renowned for its simplicity, flexibility, and robust features. With Express, you can effortlessly handle HTTP requests, define routes, and manage middleware, making the process of building APIs and web servers a breeze.


Its minimalist design and extensive community support have made it a favorite among developers worldwide.

2. Axios

Next up is Axios, a promise-based HTTP client for JavaScript. Whether you’re working with Node.js or in the browser, Axios simplifies the process of making HTTP requests. Its intuitive API, support for request and response interceptors, and built-in error handling make it a go-to choice for fetching data from APIs and external servers.


With Axios, you can focus on building great user experiences without getting bogged down by network complexities.

3. Lodash.js

Lodash.js is like a Swiss Army knife for JavaScript developers, offering a wide range of utility functions for manipulating data structures, iterating arrays, and working with objects and strings. Its comprehensive toolkit and functional programming paradigm make common tasks such as data manipulation and transformation a breeze.


Whether you’re writing code for the frontend or backend, Lodash.js can help you write cleaner, more efficient JavaScript code.

4. Underscore.js

Similar to Lodash.js, Underscore.js is another utility library that enhances JavaScript development by providing a rich set of functions for working with arrays, objects, and functions. While it shares many similarities with Lodash.js, Underscore.js has its own unique features and syntax, making it a matter of personal preference for many developers.


Its lightweight footprint and extensive documentation make it easy to integrate into your projects and workflows.

5. Moment.js

Managing dates and times in JavaScript can be a challenge, but Moment.js makes it easy. This popular library simplifies tasks such as parsing, formatting, and manipulating dates and times, allowing you to focus on building great user experiences.


Whether you need to display relative timestamps, calculate durations, or work with time zones, Moment.js has you covered with its comprehensive feature set and intuitive API.

6. PM2

PM2 is a process manager for Node.js applications that simplifies the deployment and management of Node.js processes in production environments. With features such as process clustering, load balancing, and centralized logging, PM2 ensures that your applications run smoothly and reliably at scale.


Whether you’re deploying a single application or managing a complex microservices architecture, PM2 provides the tools you need to keep your Node.js applications running smoothly.

7. Cheerio

Cheerio is a lightweight and fast library for parsing and manipulating HTML and XML documents on the server side. Inspired by jQuery, Cheerio provides a familiar syntax for traversing the DOM, querying elements, and manipulating HTML content.


Whether you’re scraping web pages, extracting data, or generating HTML on the fly, Cheerio makes it easy to work with server-side HTML in your Node.js applications.

8. Passport.js

Last but not least, Passport.js is a popular authentication middleware for Node.js applications that simplifies the process of implementing user authentication and authorization. With support for local authentication, social logins, and OAuth, Passport.js provides a flexible and extensible authentication framework that can be easily integrated into any Node.js application.


Whether you’re building a web application, API, or microservice, Passport.js has the tools you need to secure your application and protect your users’ data.

In conclusion, these eight NPM packages are essential tools for any JavaScript beginner looking to level up their skills in 2024. Whether you’re building web applications, working with data, or managing server-side processes, these packages can help you write cleaner, more efficient code and build awesome projects. So why wait? Dive in, explore, and start coding like a pro!

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