Oracle 1z0-1085 Certification Exam Questions With Answers

Oracle 1z0-1085

In the ever-evolving landscape of information technology, certifications play a pivotal role in validating professionals’ skills and knowledge. Among the plethora of certifications available, Oracle certifications hold a special place due to their relevance and recognition in the industry.

One such certification is the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Associate (1z0-1085) exam.

Oracle 1z0-1085 Exam

The Oracle 1z0-1085 exam, officially titled “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Associate,” is designed for individuals who possess foundational knowledge in cloud computing and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The exam covers a wide range of topics essential for understanding OCI, including cloud concepts, OCI services, security, pricing, and support.

Key Topics Covered in the Exam

  1. Cloud Concepts: Understanding basic cloud computing concepts such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and their relevance in today’s IT landscape.
  2. OCI Fundamentals: Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, regions, availability domains, and edge services.
  3. OCI Core Services: Knowledge of core OCI services including compute, storage, networking, and databases.
  4. OCI Security: Understanding security best practices, identity and access management (IAM), and securing network communication.
  5. OCI Pricing and Support: Awareness of OCI pricing models, billing, and support options available for Oracle Cloud customers.

Preparation Tips for the Exam

1. Study Official Documentation: Oracle provides comprehensive documentation and whitepapers covering various aspects of OCI. Start by familiarizing yourself with the official documentation available on the Oracle website.

2. Hands-on Experience: Practical experience with OCI through labs, tutorials, and hands-on projects can greatly enhance your understanding of the platform. Utilize Oracle’s free tier offering to experiment with different OCI services.

3. Online Training and Courses: There are numerous online platforms offering courses specifically designed to prepare candidates for Oracle certifications. Look for courses covering topics aligned with the exam objectives.

4. Practice Tests and Mock Exams: Practice tests and mock exams are invaluable resources for assessing your readiness and identifying areas for improvement. Several online platforms offer practice exams tailored to the Oracle 1z0-1085 exam.

5. Join Online Communities: Engage with online communities and forums where candidates share their exam experiences, study tips, and resources. Participating in discussions can provide valuable insights and support.

While the exact questions in the Oracle 1z0-1085 exam are confidential, candidates can expect a mix of multiple-choice and scenario-based questions.

Here are some sample questions that might resemble those in the exam:

Q 1: What should they do to ensure that the application has the highest level of resilience?
Answer – Deploy the application across multiple regions and availability domains.

Q 2: Which deployment strategy should you adopt?
Answer – Use multiple fault domains in any availability domain in multiple regions

Q 3: Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service allows you to run code without provisioning any underlying infrastructure resources?
Answer – Oracle Functions

Q 4: Which three methods can you use to create or modify Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources?
Answer –
1. OCI desktop client
2. OCI console
3. Command line Interface

Q 5: Which CANNOT be used with My Oracle Support (MOS)?
Answer – Troubleshoot your resources in an oracle cloud infrastructure free trial account

Q 6: Which is a key benefit of using oracle cloud infrastructure autonomous data warehouse?
Answer – Scale both CPU and Storage without downtime

Q 7: Which three components are part of oracle cloud infrastructure identity and access management service?
Answer –
3.Dynamic Groups

Q 8: Which OCI storage service can be used to meet the requirement?
Answer – Block Volume

Q 9: Which OCI service is best suited for running serverless apps?
Answer: Oracle Functions

Q 10: What does compute instance horizontal scaling mean?
Answer: Adding Additional Compute instances

Q 11: OCI budgets can be set on which two options?
Answer: Cost-Tracking tags, Compartments

Q 12: Which is not a default feature of the tool?
Answer – Filter costs by applications

Q 13: Which OCI Identity and access management capability helps you to organize multiple users into teams?
Answer: Groups

Q 14: What is the frequency of OCI usage report generation?
Answer – Daily

Q 15: Which service is the most effective for moving large amounts of data from your on-premises to OCI.
Answer: Dynamic routing gateway

Q 16: Which capability can be used to protect against unexpected hardware or power supply failures within an availability domain?
Answer: Fault Domains

Q 17: Which OCI service is the most cost effective?
Answer: Object Storage (Standard)

Q 18: Which service can you use to deploy containers on oracle infrastructure (OCI)?
Answer: Container engine for Kubernetes (OKE)

Q 19: Which OCI service should you implement?
Answer: Internet gateway

Q 20: What service is NOT available as part of oracle cloud free tier?
Answer: Oracle cloud infrastructure Exadata DB systems

Q 21: Which oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) service can be used to protect sensitive and regulated data in OCI database services?
Answer: Oracle Data Safe

Q 22: Which service should they use?
Answer: OCI fast connect

Q 23: What do the terms OpEx and Capex refer to?
Answer: OpEx refers to Operational Expenditure and CapEx refers to capital Expenditure

Q 24: Which feature is NOT a component of oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) Identity and access management service?
Answer: Federation

Q 25: Which gateway can be used to provide internet access to an oracle cloud infrastructure compute instance in a private subnet?
Answer: NAT gateway

Q 26: Which two should be considered when designing a fault -tolerant solution in oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI)?
1.Ensuring your solution components are distributed across OCI Fault Domains
2.using multiple OCI Availability Domains (AD), where available, to deploy your solution

Q 27: Which is NOT covered by oracle cloud infrastructure service Level Agreement (SLA)?
Answer: Reliability

Q 28: Which is NOT required to register and log support requests in My Oracle support (MOS)?
Answer: Your account password

Q 29: Which oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) service can send you an alert when you might exceed your spending threshold?
Answer: Budgets

Q 30: Which feature allows you to logically group and isolate your oracle cloud infrastructure resources?
Answer: Compartments

Q 31: Which is NOT available to you whenever oracle cloud infrastructure creates or resolve an incident?
Answer: Twitter notifications

Q 32: Oracle cloud infrastructure is compliant with which three industry standards?
1.SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 attestations
2.Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
3.ISO 27001:2013 certification

Q 33: What does oracles payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) attestation of compliance provide to customers?
Answer: Customers can use these services for workloads that store, process, or transmit cardholder data

Q 34: According to shared security model, which two are a customer’s responsibilities in oracle cloud infrastructure OCI?
1.Customer Data
2.Object Storage data durability

Q 35: Which describes a key benefit of using oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI)?
Answer: OCI offers consistent performance with a predictable pricing model

Q 36: What is the first step they must take in order to accomplish this task?
Answer: subscribe to the desired region

Q 37: Which is NOT part of the oracle cloud always free eligible resources that you can provision in your tenancy?
Answer: Fast connect (1Gbps public peering)

Q 38: Which service level agreement type is NOT offered by oracle cloud infrastructure compute service?
Answer: Application Plane

Q 39: Which statement about oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) shared security model is true?
Answer: You are responsible for securing all data that you place in OCI

Q 40: Which pricing model is NOT supported by oracle cloud infrastructure?
Answer: Reserved Instances

Q 41: Which oracle cloud infrastructure service leverages terraform to configure infrastructure as code?
Answer: Resource manager

Q 42: Which two are enabled by oracle cloud infrastructure Fault Domains?
1. Protect against unexpected hardware or power supply failures
2. Protect against planned hardware maintenance

Q 43: Which should you use to distribute incoming traffic between a set of web servers?
Answer: Load Balancer

Q 44: Which three services integrate with oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) key management?
1. Block volume
2. Object storage
3. File storage

Q 45: Which statement accurately describes an oracle cloud infrastructure region?
Answer: Each Availability Domain has three Fault Domains

Q 46: What characteristics are defined by an oracle cloud infrastructure compute shape?
Answer: Number of OCPU, amount of RAM, bandwidth

Q 47: Which option meets this requirement?
Answer: Replace E-Business Suite with an Oracle SaaS application

Q 48: Which is NOT a valid business benefit for a customer considering migrating their infrastructure and apps to oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI)?
Answer: Faster go-to Market

Q 49: Which kind of scaling is supported by virtual machines in oracle cloud infrastructure Compute service?
Answer: Scaling Up and Down, and scaling in or out

Q 50: Which is NOT a security resource within oracle cloud infrastructure?
Answer: Web Application Firewall

Q 51: What is a key benefit of oracle cloud infrastructure virtual machine DB systems?
Answer: Support for RAC DB systems

Q 52: Which oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) database solution will be most economical for a customer looking to have the elasticity of the cloud with minimal administration and maintenance effort for their DBA team?
Answer: OCI Autonomous database

Q 53: What two statements regarding the virtual cloud network (VCN) are true?
1. A single VCN can contain both private and public Subnets
2. VCN is a regional resource that span across all the availability domains in a region

Q 54: Which offers the lowest pricing for storage (per GB)?
Answer: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage

Q 55: Which two security capabilities are offered by oracle cloud infrastructure?
1. Always on data encryption for data-at-rest
2. Key Management service

Q 56: Which oracle cloud infrastructure storage service can provide a shared file system across multiple compute instances?
Answer: File Storage

Q 57: Which oracle cloud infrastructure service can you use to assess user security of your oracle databases?
Answer: Oracle Data Safe

Q 58: After signing up for a new oracle cloud infrastructure tenancy, what would you subscribe to in order to deploy infrastructure and services in different parts of the world?
Answer: Regions

Q 59: A customer wants to deploy a customized e-commerce web application using multiple virtual machines, block storage, databases, load balancer and web application firewall. What cloud model can be used to host this application?
Answer: Software as a service (SaaS)

Q 60: In what two ways does oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) offer industry leading price-performance?
1. With OCI, pricing is low and predictable across all regions and services
2. OCI backs performance claims with service level agreement

Q 61: Which capability enables you to search, purchase, and start using software?
Answer: OCI Marketplace

Q 62: Which two oracle cloud infrastructure resources can be used to group/categorize expenses?
1. Tags
2. Compartments

Q 63: You are required to host several files in a location that can be publicly accessible from anywhere. Which oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI) service should you use?
Answer File Storage

Q 64: Which is an example of edge services in oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI)?
Answer: Web application firewall

Q 65: You were recently assigned to manage a project to deploy oracle e-business suite on oracle cloud a database, several servers, and a shared file system. Which three OCI services are best suited for this project?
1. Virtual machine (VM) or bare metal (BM) compute instances
2. Object Storage Service
3. File storage service

In summary,

The Oracle 1z0-1085 exam serves as a benchmark for individuals seeking to validate their knowledge of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations. By understanding the key topics, preparing effectively, and utilizing resources such as official documentation and practice exams, candidates can increase their chances of success in achieving this valuable certification.

Continuous learning and practical experience in OCI are essential for professionals looking to thrive in the dynamic field of cloud computing.

Remember, certification is not just about passing an exam; it’s about acquiring skills and knowledge that enhance your professional journey in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Best of luck on your Oracle certification journey!

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