PHP Data Types Techhyme

Explore Various Data Types in PHP

Data types in PHP play a pivotal role in defining the nature of variables and the kind of data they can store. Unlike strictly-typed languages, PHP is loosely typed, meaning that variable types…

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PHP operators Expressions Techhyme

Top 9 Popular PHP Operators and Expressions

In the world of PHP programming, operators play a crucial role in manipulating data and performing various operations. An operator in PHP can be described as a symbol that takes one or more…

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PHP Global Variables Techhyme

Understanding PHP Global Variables: A Comprehensive Guide

Global variables in PHP are special variables that can be accessed from any part of a PHP script, including functions and classes. These variables hold information that can be used across different scopes…

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PHP Laravel ARTISAN Commands Techhyme

70+ PHP Laravel Artisan CLI Commands (Cheatsheet)

Laravel, one of the most popular PHP frameworks, provides developers with a powerful command-line interface (CLI) tool called Artisan. Artisan is an essential part of Laravel, offering a wide range of commands that…

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PHP regular expression Techhyme

PHP Regular Expression Functions: A Guide to Powerful String Manipulation

Regular expressions are powerful tools used for pattern matching and string manipulation in PHP. They allow developers to perform complex searches, replacements, and validations on text data using pattern-based rules. PHP provides several…

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PHP Logical Operators Techhyme

Top 6 PHP Logical Operators You Need To Know

In PHP, logical operators play a crucial role in evaluating and combining conditions to control the flow of a program. These operators allow developers to perform negation, conjunction, and disjunction operations on boolean…

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PHP Books Techhyme

Top PHP Books for Learning and Mastering the Language

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popular server-side scripting language used for web development. It powers numerous websites and web applications due to its ease of use and versatility. Whether you are a beginner…

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PHP Arithmetic Operators Techhyme

Top 5 PHP Arithmetic Operators You Need To Know

In the world of web development, PHP stands as a versatile and widely used scripting language. With its numerous features and functionalities, PHP empowers developers to build dynamic and interactive web applications. One…

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PHP Programming Interview questions answers techhyme

250+ PHP Programming Interview Questions with Answers

This article is geared toward individuals who possess a general understanding of the concepts of working in a web-based development environment, be it Linux/UNIX, Windows, or Mac OS X. The below mentioned questions…

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PHP Books Tech Hyme

Top High Rated PHP Books You Should Read in 2021

Understanding the way people’s brains work would be the key to building the ultimate web applications. Web applications are applications whose functionality is processed on a web server, and is delivered to the…

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