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Stack Overflow is a QA based site for professional programmers. It’s an independently held website, the front runner website of the Stock Exchange Network, owned by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky.

Led by their frustration with other programming related Q&A websites like Quora, they had started Stack Overflow to enable users to find answers to programming questions. Stack Overflow website becomes so popular in online programming community with 15 million users, 21 million questions, and 31 million answers.

On Stack Overflow, each conversation contains a question and a list of answers. The answers frequently contain at least one code snippet as a solution to the question asked.

According to Amiangshu, Third, four of the users had high percentages (over 60%) of posting the first answer to a question.

Building reputation within the community is a key motivator for contributing to all Stack Exchange Network Websites. A contributor builds his/her reputation score by providing answers that are accepted by the stack community. To earn a high score, a contributor must share technical expertise via a sustained effort.

In this article, we’ve listed out all similar stack overflow based QA websites manages by stack community itself in technology category:

  1. Super User
  2. Ask Ubuntu, Unix & Linux, Vi and Vim
  3. Server Fault
  4. Ask Different
  5. Database Administrators
  6. TeX – LaTeX
  7. Web Applications
  8. Salesforce
  9. Android Enthusiasts, Windows Phone
  10. Software Engineering
  11. Information Security, Tor, Cryptography
  12. Code Review, Code Golf
  13. SharePoint
  14. Raspberry Pi
  15. Game Development
  16. Arduino
  17. Network Engineering
  18. Software Quality Assurance & Testing, User Experience
  19. Webmasters
  20. DevOps
  21. Reverse Engineering
  22. Software Recommendations, Hardware Recommendations
  23. Emacs
  24. WordPress Development, Joomla, CiviCRM, elementary OS, Craft CMS, Sitecore, Drupal Answers, Magento, Tridion, ExpressionEngine® Answers
  25. Computer Graphics, Blender, Retrocomputing
  26. Open Data, Ebooks
  27. Quantum Computing
  28. Internet of Things
  29. Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS.IO, Stellar, Tezos, Iota, Monero
  30. Stack Apps
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