Top 25 SQL Injection Parameters For Bug Bounty Hunters

SQL Injection Parameters Techhyme

SQL injection is a pervasive and potentially devastating form of cyber attack, where malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities in a web application’s code to execute arbitrary SQL code. This unauthorized access allows attackers to manipulate, retrieve, or delete sensitive data stored in the application’s database.

For security enthusiasts and bug hunters, identifying SQL injection vulnerabilities is crucial in ensuring the safety and integrity of web applications.

In this article, we will explore the top 25 SQL injection parameters that are commonly targeted by bug hunters and security researchers. These parameters, when left unsecured, can become entry points for attackers to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities.

  1. ?id=
  2. ?page=
  3. ?dir=
  4. ?search=
  5. ?category=
  6. ?file=
  7. ?class=
  8. ?url=
  9. ?news=
  10. ?item=
  11. ?menu=
  12. ?lang=
  13. ?name=
  14. ?ref=
  15. ?title=
  16. ?view=
  17. ?topic=
  18. ?thread=
  19. ?type=
  20. ?date=
  21. ?form=
  22. ?join=
  23. ?main=
  24. ?nav=
  25. ?region=


Web application security is a continuous challenge, and understanding potential SQL injection entry points is crucial for bug hunters and security researchers.

Always remember to responsibly disclose any vulnerabilities discovered to the relevant parties to ensure a timely and effective resolution.

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