Top 8 YouTube Channels to Learn Web3 Development

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YouTube is packed with so much tech content it’s hard to know where to start. From tech-focused YouTubers to blockchainers, there’s virtually a video for everything you’re looking for. However, looking for the best YouTube channels for a topic you’re looking for can be pretty tricky.

Most people think of the Web as a continuous pillar of modern life-it was invented and has just existed since. However, the Web most of us know today is quite different from originally imagined.

The premise of ‘Web 3.0‘ was coined by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood shortly after Ethereum launched in 2014. Gavin put into words a solution for a problem that many early crypto adopters felt: the Web required too much trust. That is, most of the Web that people know and use today relies on trusting a handful of private companies to act in the public’s best interests.

Web3 has become a catch-all term for the vision of a new, better internet. At its core, Web3 uses blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to give power back to the users in the form of ownership.

No need to know anything about the blockchain, you should just have some basic software development experience. Whether you have already written some code for backend, web or mobile applications, it should be enough to become a blockchain developer.

The blockchain is all the rage these days, and there is a lot of theoretical or anticipative talk around it, but with the help of following YouTube channels will help you get your hands dirty with actual code in order to build your first decentralized application.

In this article, we’ve listed 8 of the best YouTube channels you should consider watching to learn web3 development.

S.No. YouTube Channel Twitter
1. FreeCodeCamp @PatrickAlphaC
2. Dapp University @DappUniversity
3. Moralis Web3 @MoralisWeb3
4. LearnWeb3 @LearnWeb3DAO
5. Blockgeeks @Blockgks
6. Eat The Blocks @eattheblocks
7. WhatTheFunc @whatthefunc
8. Ethereum Foundation @ethereum


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