Top 7 Must-Read Cybersecurity Books to read in 2024

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, cybersecurity has become an increasingly critical concern. With cyber threats evolving at an alarming rate, staying updated with the latest strategies and insights is essential…

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Information Gathering Tools

Top 10 Information Gathering Tools (Updated List 2024)

In the realm of cybersecurity and digital investigations, information gathering is a critical phase that lays the foundation for understanding potential threats, assessing vulnerabilities, and making informed decisions. Whether you’re a security professional,…

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Ethical Hacking Certifications Techhyme

Top 9 Ethical Hacking Certifications

In the world of cybersecurity, having the right certification can make a significant difference. It not only enhances your credibility but also ensures that you have the necessary skills to protect systems against…

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SQL Injection Tool Techhyme

What’s Your Most Favorite SQL Injection Tool?

SQL injection is a type of cyberattack where malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities in a web application’s code to gain unauthorized access to a database. While ethical hacking and penetration testing have legitimate use…

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SIEM Use Cases Techhyme

Top 32 SIEM Use Cases You Need To Know

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems play a crucial role in protecting organizations against cyber threats by collecting, analyzing, and correlating security event data from various sources. SIEM solutions are capable of…

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Ethical Hacker Skills 2023 Techhyme

9 Basic Skills to Becoming an Ethical Hacker in 2023

Ethical hacking is an important skill in today’s digital age, where cyber attacks are becoming more common. Here are nine basic skills that you should have to become an ethical hacker in 2023:…

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Ethical Hacking Techhyme

How Ethical Hacking is Different From Hacking

With the rise of cybersecurity threats and attacks, the need for skilled professionals to identify and fix vulnerabilities has become increasingly important. This has given rise to the field of ethical hacking, a…

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Hacking Plan Techhyme

Formulating a Hacking Plan – A Brief Guide

There‚Äôs no way that you can start an ethical hacking process without first planning your security testing. There needs to be a clear agreement on the tactical and strategic issues involved in the…

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Ethical Hacking Prediction Future Techhyme

Predicting the Future of Hacking

It is very tough being an IT professional or Cyber Security Expert in today’s world. The pace at which technology is advancing makes current perimeter security solutions look like sieves. Keeping up with…

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Hacking Phases Tech Hyme

From Reconnaissance to Covering Tracks – 5 Phases of Ethical Hacking

Hacking is an art or a technique which is used to find the solution for a typical problem by implementing either the legal or illegal ways. It may or may not be done…

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