5 Easy Steps Every Blogger Should Follow To Improve Rankings in SERP


Writing lengthy articles is not enough to generate traffic on the page. You have to be smart in your techniques to increase the SERP and engage more readers.

“Content is the king” we all know this term. That means the content you are adding to the blog or article will help to generate traffic on the page.

It is only possible if you are making the content unique. You have to be different from others through your words.

In this article, we will discuss some techniques that can help the writers to make the content unique and increase the ratings on search engines.

Steps to make the SERP better

To make the SERP better and get more traffic on your website, you can use multiple tactics. Here we will discuss some points that can help the users improve their ratings on search engines.

You can follow these steps to get the attention of readers and make them love your words.

1.   Publish quality content

Quality is the first factor that helps to make the thing authoritative. If you are publishing a short article of good quality, readers will love to read your content.

On the other hand, you are writing a lengthy article but the quality of that text is not up to the mark. Suppose you are adding irrelevant ideas that are not related to the topic.

It will lead to losing the interest of readers and they will simply leave the website. To escape such misfortune, you need to improve the quality of your article.

Always try to make the blog short and authoritative. The audience will like the factor when you make the content short and informative.

It will help the readers to cover the topic instantly and help them to clear their concepts about that specific topic.

So, it is essential to publish high-quality content on the page to improve SERP and get better rankings.

2.   Upload the content regularly

Some bloggers use to rarely publish the content on their pages. Google doesn’t give value to such websites.

You have to be regular with your work and try to publish the content regularly. It will improve the worth of your page and help to gain the trust of the search engine.

It is the best indicator of a site’s relevancy so try to upload fresh content on the website frequently. It is the best tactic to keep google aware of your website.

Search engines prefer such websites as they are providing information to the users regularly and giving value to their time.

Make updates in the content so your readers can have something new to learn every time. Much the users spend time on your page, the more it will benefit the rankings on SERP.

3.   Use unique content in the articles

Be loyal to your audience and provide them with unique content every time. Some bloggers used copied content on the website.

It leaves a very bad impact on the page and Google penalizes such websites by de-ranking them on the SERP.

So, a writer must provide fresh content to the audience that will be informative for them.

Avoid plagiarism in the articles as it will lose the readers’ interest in your page. Be unique with your words and ideas.

To make the text unique, you can get help from an online plagiarism checker. It will match every single line on the search engine and highlight the plagiarized parts.

Users can remove those lines from there and make the text new for the readers. To make the article unique they need to remember the following tips.

  • Always take your time and get information from multiple sources before starting to write.
  • Present your thoughts in the text as it is the best tactic to engage the readers.
  • Storytelling is also the best way to make the text unique and seek the attention of your audience.
  • Before publishing the content on the website, don’t forget to proofread the article.
  • If you are not interested in writing the article manually, you can get help from a paraphrasing tool that generates unique content for the users instantly.

4.   Make the SEO better

Although, SEO doesn’t affect the ranking on SERP but is still a valuable technique to improve the worth of your page and gain traffic.

Adjust the keywords in the article properly and avoid stuffing the content otherwise, the article looks promotional.

Moreover, remove plagiarized parts from the text. If you add copied content in the article, it will affect the reputation of the webpage.

Optimize the images in the content so readers can visualize the things that they are reading in the article.

Also, work on the page loading speed as readers don’t have enough time to wait for opening your page. Make your site fast so they can stay there for long time and avoid to move to other pages.

So, try to improve the SEO of your website and make every part of the page optimized.

5.   Get backlinks

Writing lengthy articles and making the SEO better are necessary to improve the rankings on search engines.

But one more important thing that plays a vital role in improving the rankings on SERP, is by taking backlinks from other pages.

Google consider it as a good factor because other websites are promoting your page and giving you backlinks.

Bottom lines

Bloggers try multiple techniques to get better ratings on the search engine and improve the SERP.

They write lengthy articles to get traffic but at the same time forget to make the text optimized and unique for the readers.

Here they lose the worth of their website. To get better rankings on a search engine, it is essential to publish unique content on the website.

Also, you have to improve the SEO of the page better and increase the backlinking as it plays a vital role in seeking the attention of a reader.

The tips we discussed in this article can help bloggers to improve their ratings on SERP.

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