[March 2024] Google SEO Updates You Need to Know

Google SEO Update

Google recently released significant updates in March 2024, including a core update and spam updates that are more impactful than previous ones. These updates aim to combat low-quality content and spam across websites.

Here are the key points you need to know:

Core Update and Spam Updates: Google’s March 2024 core update and spam updates are designed to reduce unhelpful content in search results by 40%.

Expanded Definition of Spam: Google has broadened its definition of spam to include websites created primarily to match specific search queries, targeting AI-generated Q&A-type spam sites.

Action Against Low-Quality Content: Google is taking action against “content at scale sites” and expired domains repurposed with low-quality content to boost search rankings.

Penalties and De-Indexing: Following the updates, Google de-indexed numerous low-quality websites engaging in spammy practices, including heavy use of AI-generated content.

Manual Actions for Misleading Content: Manual actions for “misleading content” have started impacting sites in News and Discover, with a focus on penalizing sites with low-value content.

Quality Rater Guidelines Update: Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines now emphasize penalizing websites that mention AI-generated content with errors or outdated information.

Site Tracking and De-Indexing: Ian Nuttall has been tracking over 49,000 websites and detected over 800 that have been de-indexed post the updates.

These updates highlight Google’s ongoing efforts to improve search quality by targeting spammy practices, low-value content, and AI-generated content that do not provide genuine value to users. It is crucial for website owners and SEO professionals to stay informed about these changes to maintain or improve their search rankings.

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