9 Tips To Generate Traffic On Your Blog

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In your blog, whatever you are offering them, is the only what you are showing to your readers. Be ready to answer any question that might arise by your readers. Do not shut them off because you feel you can’t answer them.

Traffic equals conversion, so treat your readers as your customers and as you all know customers are always right. Build a strong relationship with your readers and customers.

As you go on answering or just checking out comments from the readers, you are likely to meet one reader who is out there to make you feel worthless, or he/she doesn’t agree with what you are saying in your posts.

I always approve nice comments and watch the reaction of other readers. You can choose to ignore or you can be reasonable an d make them aware of why you are (dis)agreeing with them. Now that you have gained a reputation and you have ideas to write about on your good looking blog, a question will arise about who would visit your site and where will they come from.

In this article, many ways of getting traffic to your blog has been discussed, which would definitely lead to you getting funds.

1) Guest Posting

This is when you ask someone to write a post for your blog or you can also ask to write in someone’s blog. Its not hard nor easy to guest blog.

Example 1 – (Paid Guest Posting)


I’m preparing a massive promotion campaign for our website and as a part of preparations, I came across your site. It looks professional, reliable and of great standing. A great catch!

I hope you offer paid promotion opportunities because I’m greatly interested. What are the prices for all the kinds and terms of advertising you offer?

I am not interested in special offers and packages.

Thank you in advance!

Example 2 – (Paid Guest Posting)


We are looking forward to an article post on your site Techhyme.com as part of our ongoing blog outreach activity for our client.

Either our team will prepare a 600-1000 words authentic article keeping your audience in mind OR you can get the article prepared via your team, with one link pointing back to our clients site.

Kindly let us know if you want to discuss further and see if we can work on something similar together.


Example 3 – (Free Guest Posting)


How are you today?

I’m a regular visitor of your https://techhyme.com/ and I am writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post/article.

Moreover, I also have a personal blog that offers a wealth of information Web design & Development, Branding, SEO Service, UX Design, Video Production, Digital Marketing, and much more.

I have been brainstorming many topics that I think your readers would enjoy. If you are interested in collaboration, I can send you some topics and examples.

I’ll make sure the piece is written within your parameters.

If this might be something that works for you, then please let me know ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you.

Either way, keep up the great work!


Example 4 – (Free Guest Posting)


I’m a representative of the _______ outreach marketing team. Our company would like to work with you. We are interested in publishing a sponsored article with a permanent do-follow link indexed by Google on your site.

We have several different topics and would like to provide you with a relevant article that will fit your site.

Let me know whether you are interested. Do you own any other sites? We’ll be interested in them too.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

2) Look for marketable niche

Well you just might be tempted to pick a good niche because its profitable yet you know nothing about it. If that is the case then you need to research deep and have all the information at your finger tips.

The most profitable niches include;

  • Cheat and hacks
  • Gadgets and Technology
  • S.E.O Strategies
  • Online Money Making
  • Fitness and Weight Loss
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Self Improvement
  • Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Parenting

3) Social Media

Social sharing can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Some of these social sites may include;

  • Facebook – You must connect your blog to your Facebook profile. Tag a friend and share your link. Whenever you publish anything you can post it into your timeline and many of your friends will visit the blog.The best time to post on Facebook is on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm-10pm. This is the time many people are relaxed, either they are recovering from Monday blues or looking forward to the weekend, so they will have time to check their timeline.

    Do not post more than 2 posts. One needs to get enough exposure.

    Use photos, this is vital, you know pictures and images work wonders. Boost your posts by choosing an audience and budget. You need to promote your blog by upgrading your Facebook pages which is not expensive.

  • Twitter – Connect your blog to Twitter and people would be notified when you post an tweet, also check hashtags that relate to your niche for more information. Some common hashtags are:
    #SEO #blog #marketing #wordpress #learning #tweet #like #twitter #website #sem etc
  • LinkedIn – This is a professional site where people can get to know your site and can bring a good number of people to your blog.

4) Build a strong media presence

Spend time promoting your articles and share relevant and quality content on Internet.

5) Update your site frequently

Post great images and cover photos. You can also consider using videos, infographics and eBooks for your content promotion. Canva.com is the site where you can generate good digital images.

6) Use optin forms and call to action

They help your readers to have updates of your articles through their email. There are so many online websites are available through which you can easily connect your website with their optin forms without the need to know any HTML or CSS.

7) Ask a trivia quiz

Some readers like being engaged in question and answer sessions where they can jog their minds. Especially if the questions are fun and insightful. Some examples are:

  • What color is your personality?
  • If you were a drug, which one you would be?

8) Give out offers

If you offer your readers gifts, discounts and promotions they will reward you by coming back and will exchange your generosity by sharing your link to others sites.

9) Comment on forums

Commenting on relevant forums and blogs with a link to your site is a wonderful way you can use to drive traffic to your blog.

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