What is Video Marketing? How is it Important for SEO?

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Right now, if you conduct a random Google search (go ahead, do it), I’ll guarantee at least one video appears in the organic listings. I entered “Harry Potter” (it was on TV all weekend; pardon the pun), and sure enough, a video appeared close to the top of the page. I then entered “is my toilet is broken,” which is undoubtedly more helpful to your company but not as much fun as Harry Potter. Yes, the fifth spot belonged to a YouTube video titled How to Fix or Replace a Toilet Handle / Flush Lever.

Has a video come up in your search results? Most likely, it did, and that leads me to the purpose of this blog.  Although video has long been a popular way to provide content, in 2020 it naturally experienced an increase. By using video marketing as a powerful tool to engage with their audience and viewers, brands and organizations can now take advantage of the unheard-of growth in video content consumption over the past year.

In  2022, internet videos accounted for more than 82% of all consumer traffic, which is a 15-fold increase from 2017. In keeping with this research, a report from Statista revealed that 83.3% of internet users accessed digital video material as of 2020.

Google and other search engines are recognizing the increasing importance of videos. Videos enhance session length and click-through rates, which is why search engines give pages with videos a higher ranking.

It makes sense that there are a lot of people that don’t know how videos are helpful for their business… Videos now occupy a significant portion of the digital marketing terrain, from traditional SEO (organic search real estate) to social media and brand recognition. But how significant are they? Let’s begin immediately.

What is Video Marketing?

An image is supposed to be worth a thousand words. Multiply that by 1,000 more for a video. That is the foundation of video marketing, a potent method of advertising that successfully engages your target market as a component of your marketing campaigns.

Using videos to advertise and educate people about your goods or services is known as video marketing. It enlightens your audience, increases engagement on your digital and social networks, and gives you a new way to connect with them.

What is Video SEO?

As we have seen, using video to convey stories and connect with your audience is a strong strategy. When properly integrated into the overall SEO strategy, video marketing produces considerable advantages and ROI in multiple ways. Simply said, video SEO makes the video more likely to be indexed and ranked for pertinent keyword searches on search engines.

How Can SEO Benefit From Video Marketing?

1. Google values video content more than other types of content.

The two most important factors when submitting content to Google are the quality of the content and its relevancy to the search query. Google does not take into account the text or any other media that a page may offer when indexing and ranking content for keywords. When you update a page with text, images, and video, Google is better able to recognise the value of your content. The secret is to find keywords that are appropriate for your video’s meta tags and optimise the content for search engines.

2. Video drives traffic.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google, with 300 hours of video uploaded every minute and 5 billion videos watched daily. YouTube can be used by third-party hosting services to increase traffic to your webpage or website. This makes YouTube a terrific medium for introducing your company to new customers. After seeing a video on YouTube or another social media platform, people are more inclined to visit the website.

3. Video enhances the customer experience.

The fact that a video keeps visitors on your website for a long period is one of the main advantages of having one. Videos can improve user experience because they are aesthetically appealing. The visitor may stay on the website or the desired pages for a longer period of time if the material is interesting and relevant, including videos and other media. Video SEO lowers the bounce rate, which enables search engines like Google to rank your content higher.

4. Backlinks are generated by video content.

Earning backlinks with videos is an excellent strategy. Given that over 90% of viewers share the videos they see, video marketing is an excellent method for gaining links. A higher ranking on search engine results pages is the result of more social shares. Studies show that shares and links account for 46% of all site rankings. On YouTube and other social media platforms, including URLs in channel bios or video descriptions is the ideal way to get quality referral traffic.

5. Conversion rates are increased by video –

According to a survey by HubSpot, seeing product videos increases people’s likelihood of purchasing by almost double. This is a great indication that adding video marketing to your SEO plan can increase revenue.

6. Enhance the user experience (UX)

Videos are excellent for breaking up and reviving long passages of text on your website. Your users will be more engaged with this layout. By posting interesting video content, you may draw viewers’ attention and increase the likelihood that they’ll read and watch more of your content. This enhances the user experience on your website.

Keep in mind that developing a high-ranking website requires both SEO and UX. An effective and user-friendly UX design boosts user engagement, site traffic, and, eventually, rankings.


Undoubtedly, the popularity of video material is on the rise. The key to ensuring you are constantly one step ahead of your competitors and reaching your business goals as an online business owner is to stay current on the most recent trends and user intent.

You may drastically improve your SEO by strategizing and optimizing your video content. Your Website can rank higher than the other websites that compete with it online by utilising videos for SEO. Ultimately, you should constantly provide high-quality content that increases traffic to your websites and social media channels.

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