[#20] – Introduction to C Programming Language – Questions

C is a general purpose, high-level programming language. Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie created it at AT&T Bell laboratories in 1972 for writing the UNIX operating system. Although developed between 1969 and 1973, its first publication occurred in 1978 in... Read more

[#19] – Classification of Computers – Questions

General-purpose computers come in many sizes and capabilities. Traditionally, computers were classified by their size, processing speed, and cost. Based on these factors, computers were classified as microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframes and supercomputers. However, with rapidly changing technology, this classification is... Read more

[#18] – Multimedia – Questions

A medium is something that can be used for presentation of information. There are two basic ways to present some information: Unimedium Presentation – In this case, a single medium is used to present information. For example, a music system... Read more

[#17] – The Internet – Questions

The internet is a network of computers linking many different types of computers all over the world. It is a network of networks sharing a common mechanism for addressing computers, and a common set of communication protocols for communications between... Read more

[#16] – Data Communications and Computer Networks – Questions

Data communication technologies deal with means and methods of data transfer from one location to another. Marriage between computing and data communication technologies is one of the most exciting development that has revolutionized information age. This development gave birth to... Read more

[#15] – Business Data Processing – Questions

Data is a collection of facts – unorganized, but able to be organized into useful information. A collection of sales orders, employee time sheets, and class attendance cards are a few examples. Data can be manipulated to produce output, such... Read more

[#14] – Application Software packages – Questions

Here is the list of famous application software packages that are widely used: Word-processing package Spreadsheet package Graphics package Personal assistance package The term word processing describes use of hardware and software to create, edit, view, format, store, retrieve and... Read more

[#13] – Operating Systems – Questions

Operating system is an integrated set of programs that controls the resources (CPU, memory, I/O devices etc) of a computer system and provides its users with an interface or virtual machine that is easier to use than the bare machine.... Read more

[#12] – System Implementation and Operation – Questions

As long as human beings program computers, computer programs will have errors. Program errors are known as bugs, and the process of detecting and correcting these errors is called debugging. In general, testing is the process of making sure that... Read more

[#11] – Computer Languages – Questions

Language is a means of communication. We use a natural language such as English, to communicate our ideas and emotions to others. Similarly, a programmer uses a computer language to instruct a computer what he/she wants it to do. All... Read more

[#10] – Planning the Computer Program – Questions

If your teacher asked you to solve an arithmetic problem and you are not familiar with the steps involved in solving the problem, you will not be able to solve it. The same principle applies to writing computer programs also.... Read more

[#9] – Computer software – Questions

The terms “hardware” and “software” are used frequently in connection with computers. Hardware refers to the physical devices of a computer system. Thus, input, storage, processing, control, and output devices are hardware. A computer cannot do anything on its own.... Read more

[#8] – Input-Output Devices – Questions

To be useful, a computer system needs to communicate with its external environment. The input-output devices provide the capability to a computer system. They are also known as peripheral devices because they surround a computer’s CPU and memory. Input devices... Read more